Iran to reduce the amount of oil supplies to some EU countries

Iran to reduce the amount of oil in a number of states in the Euro Union. This was announced on February 4, Rostam Ghasemi, minister Oil Iran. "We are, of course, will reduce the amount of oil supplied to some European countries. Regarding other European countries, the decision will be made later," — said Ghasemi.

The bill to cease the supply of Iranian oil in the country EU initiated in response to the decision to implement a ban on the import of the "dark gold" of Iran adopted by the Foreign Ministers of the Euro Union. This step provides for a ban on the extension of the existing and new contracts for the supply of oil to the European Union of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is worth noting that despite this, the deals signed in the past are still valid. Complete embargo will be implemented from July 1, 2012, all existing contracts by that date must be stopped, reports ITAR-TASS.

Earlier, the Minister of Oil Iran stressed that the decision EU embargo for the Islamic Republic will not create any problems. "Our country has other markets, and the Euro Union embargo will not create problems, "- identified minister. With all this, he recalled that at the EU accounts for less than 20% of Iranian oil exports. "Under this plan will soon be stopped all supplies to some of the country," — he said.

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