Iran towards a Shiite Caliphate

Given the tense situation around Iran and its nuclear utilities that need to distinguish more carefully the situation in this country in the field of national security, nuclear and gallakticheskoy programs in this country, the main task of the internal and external policies.

At the current time in the capital of the Islamic Republic, in the center for the air show began to build Aerospace Technology Center — "Kahkeshan" ("Galaxy"). The Iranians are planning to build it in two years, on the first step of development of the center will occupy an area of 24 hectares. Farahi (Head of Staff for the development of aerospace technology), said that the aerospace technology center will employ more than 100 companies operating in the field of aviation and space exploration.

In addition, in Tehran are considering the construction of aerospace industrial zone (or aerospace industrial city). Already being sought place for him. Immediately Iranians are planning to build a spaceport state. In 2009, Iran launched its own space in the first artificial satellite "Omid" ("Hope"), in 2010 the Iranians were sent into space the animals. In February 2011, the Iranians presented to the public layouts 4 satellites — "Seedlings" ("Surveillance"), "Fajr" ("Dawn"), "Zafar" ("Victory") and "Amir Kabir-1." Were also new engines for missiles, "Safir-B1» («The Messenger-B1»). In June 2011, a space satellite was launched "Seedlings." "Zafar" plan to launch in 2012. "Fajr" — is the first remote sensing satellite of Iran, which is capable of going on an elliptical orbit (300-450 km) to the radial orbit (450 km from the Earth). Iran is also developing the newest booster — "Simorgh" ("Phoenix"). By about 2020 the Iranians plan to launch a man into space.

Iranian gallakticheskaya programm associated with the development of missile capabilities of the Islamic Republic. In October this year, Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said that the country end work to create a modern sea-launched cruise missile, "Zafar" ("Triumph", "Victory"), and it will soon go into the military. According to the views of the Iranians, this system is much strengthen the military potential of the country. In the past decade, Iran has made significant progress in the field of various weapons, including rocket. In September 2011 the public with its sea-based missile "Qader" with a radius of 200 km in the act. In the middle of the characteristics of sea-based missiles the Iranians have noted the ability to fly at low altitudes, significant killing power, small size and weight, it is also the highest accuracy. "Kader" can hit naval targets and onshore facilities. The missiles were delivered to the Naval Forces of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and put into mass production.

Even during the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-1988 program from Tehran launched an arms development of the state. This was due to the embargo, which the United States imposed on the sale of arms to Iran. Since the early 1990s, Iran began to create national armored vehicles and missiles. There are works on modernization of existing models of government fighters "Sayegh" ("Thunderbolt") and "Azarahsh" ("Lightning") — is modified analogs of the American F/A-18 and F-5E / F Tiger II. Their creation was started in 2008, and in 2010 a squadron of fighters, "Sayegh" was demonstrated in the Iranian air show.

Work is conducted in Iran and in the creation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Thus, the commander of the forces of law and order Mokaddem Ismail Ahmadi said that the country's borders are protected and using UAVs. UAVs have already entered into service, and at the moment personnel are adequately trained. These devices will strengthen border controls and inflict a blow to the business of smugglers and traffickers.

The Iranian military reported on developments in radar systems. In summer, there is information on the development of radar remote Iranian actions that can detect targets at a distance of more than one thousand kilometers. Radar Ghadir, according to the Iranians can watch the airplanes, ballistic missiles and low-flying satellites at an altitude of 300 km above the planet. In addition, the Iranians are working on the improvement of radar and radar will operate within a radius of 3 kilometers. In October, it was reported on the development of radar, which is able to not only detect, and destroy the enemy drones. This allows you to control all approaches to air the place of Iran. Iran also received from the Russian Federation, a defensive system as a "depot". This system is based on the truck is capable of creating interference to radar aircraft and electrical equipment, which is used in the guidance systems of missiles. There is information that the "Depot" is able to detect and create electrical interference at once for 60 different purposes within the boundaries of the 150-kilometer radius of the spectrum of 360 degrees.

Iranians are a great job in the Navy. In Tehran, said Iran should become one of the global centers of power in a new multi-polar world, because Iranian naval forces must possess not only protect the coast of the country, but represent the republic in the oceans. In January 2011, the deputy commander of the naval forces of Iran's Armed Forces, Vice Admiral Ghulam Reza Khadem Baig said country by virtue of their strategic location needs a massive fleet to protect the maritime borders. Because Iranian Navy design a new generation of destroyers. Back in February 2010 the water was lowered first Iranian-made destroyer with guided missile weapon — "Dzhamaran." According to Iranian professionals, it was a real breakthrough in naval developments. The ship is able to fight with ships, aircraft and submarines of the enemy.

In the middle of October, Iranian Defense Minister Gen. Vahidi during a visit to the Caspian port of Anzali said that Iranian ships will be in the Atlantic Ocean. In his view, the Islamic Republic has significant naval presence in the Caspian Sea, the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, the Indian Ocean and other global waters, and now intends to meet its presence also in the Atlantic. Most recently, in Iranian naval combat system will enter the second destroyer class "Dzhamaran."

The majestic power can not do without its own aircraft carrier, is taking steps in this direction and the Islamic Republic. In October, the deputy commander of the Iranian Navy for Research and operational autonomy Maksudlu Mansour said that the country has already done a lot of work on the design and construction of ships of various types, and now "navy wants to design and build a helicopter and aircraft carriers." The command of the Iranian Navy has approved the results of conceptual design Iranian aircraft carriers in the country and will soon begin a suitable research and development work. According Maksudlu, it's a long job, but Iran afford to build its own aircraft carrier.

Much work has been done and is in the training of subversive activities in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz. For this, we introduce a system of missile boats, small submarines, made basing points, respectively infrastructure, are working in the field of anti-ship missiles. The Iranians plan, in case of war the Western coalition and Israel against Iran, it is very difficult removal of hydrocarbons. Soon adopted Iranian Armed Forces will go 600-ton submarine "Fateh" ("Conqueror") produced in Iran, it is armed with missile systems, the abil
ity to put sea mines, diving to 200 meters deep and is sailing 5 weeks.

Not forgets in Tehran and other sverhtehnologichny sphere. The Iranians claimed that the developed model of an electric gun (Railgun), which shoots iron 8-mm bullets without detonating the warhead. After the United States and Israel conducted a successful cyber attack on the computer network of nuclear programs from the country, Iran made a special structure, which will include not only scientists, and the military. The organization will be involved in the defense of the country against attack cyber-criminals. It will work in cramped help with other special services of Iran. Iran is constantly improving its missile system, during nedavneshnih explosions at Iranian military base near Tehran died General Hassan Moghaddam, which was listed as one of the main figures in the defense programmke Islamic republic. The general led the development of missiles, "Shihab-4", which is capable of hitting a target within a radius of 2 kilometers.

Iran's nuclear programm

In October, the head of programs from non-proliferation and disarmament in English International Institute for Strategic research Mark Fitzpatrick said that you can be sure that within a year Iran has no nuclear weapons, but after two years of such conviction will not be, because the Islamic Republic With years of progress on all the main nuances. The country has all the ability in order to quickly get up nuclear power.

A similar opinion is shared by many other experts, scientists and politicians. Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Faridoon Abbasi said in October that more recently the Republic can take the place of a leading exporter of nuclear equipment in the world. All of this causes great concern among Western nations and Israel. Need to see that the West wants to maintain a monopoly on nuclear technology for themselves. And often the attacks on nuclear projects of other states are associated with environmental motifs and the "threat" of nuclear weapons on the planet, hit him in the hands of the "dictators" and "terrorists."

October 17 at the Chamber of Commerce of the Iranian capital held a festive ceremony, which was dedicated to the transfer of the first works of the country's industrial party "yellow Keiko" (English yellow cake, represents a chemical concentrates of uranium oxide — U3O8, which is the basis for the production of enriched uranium, and it can be used as a nuclear power, and for the production of nuclear weapons). This party will be applied at the plant for uranium enrichment in the town of Isfahan. The Iranian minister of foreign affairs, Ali Akbar Salehi said on this occasion that is less than six months of the Islamic Republic will begin the creation of nuclear fuel.

And in November, began hysteria about the IAEA report on Iran's nuclear program there. A report in the vague wording reads that the Iranian nuclear programm pursuing military objectives. Israeli politicians began to talk again about the ability of a military strike on Iran, because Israel can not prevent the emergence of nuclear weapons in Iran. Around the world, was held strong information campaign to "demonize" Iran and its nuclear applets.

Outside politics

In foreign policy of Iran is dominated by two trends. In 1-x, this confrontation with the West (first with the United States and the United Kingdom), Israel, the Gulf monarchies. In-2 is the construction of a new global power center, it can be conditionally be called the "Shi'ite caliphate."

In the field of confrontation with the West and the "Zionists" in the near future came out a few sonorous events. This disclosure South American authorities "Iranian plot" against the Saudi ambassador to the United States. "Iranian terrorists" also had to arrange undermining the Israeli Embassy in Washington and the embassies of Saudi Arabia, Israel, Argentina. In addition, the Tipo Iranians were planning to do with the supply of opium Near East to Mexico and the United States by means of a powerful Mexican drug cartel "Los Zetas." This event caused a wave of strong anti-Iranian in the world, especially in the West and the Arab monarchies. There was even a world view that this scenario was developed by the Iranian opposition or third countries who are interested in the armed conflict between the West and Iran.

The scandal with the attempt even more hasty affairs of Iran to the United States and aggravated and so complex cases between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Riyadh is already blamed the Islamic Republic of fomenting unrest in the middle of the Shiites in Saudi Arabia.

Another powerful information blow inflicted by the West of Iran with the IAEA report. Specifically, after the theme of the "Iranian nuclear threat" again raised in Israel. And even spoken about the impact of the Air Forces of Israel against Iran's nuclear facilities, the plan open a discussion on the level of the government and the military command of the Jewish country. A recent scandal has been associated with the mayhem of the British Embassy in Iran. There are statements about the need for new sanctions against Iran.

Tehran, of course, worried about anti-Shia and anti-Iranian sentiment in some Arab countries. The Supreme favorite Ayatollah Khamenei said in October that the enemies of the Islamic Unity — "" arrogant and Zionists "- weave komploty and intrigue in order to strike at the Islamic world and split it. A Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Ali Ahani saw any complication in the relations between states in the Middle East region will play into the hands and in the interests of the United States and the Zionist regime.

At the same time, Tehran is not averse to using Arabic havoc in their own interests. Confirm in practice the ideas of the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ruhollah Khomeini, the "world Islamic revolution" of leadership Iran in this process. Because the Iranian administration has supported popular uprisings in the Arab states of North Africa and the Middle East, calling them "Islamic awakening." Iran hopes to establish in Libya "Islamic democracy." Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called on Arab society to fight with the main evil, going to the Western world — imperialism.

Exclusively in Syria idea of "Islamic Revolution" in Iran's undisputed leadership changed rationalism — Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is one of Iran's few allies in the world. Tehran blamed the Syrian unrest external forces that wish to do around Israel's "security zone." Another ally of Iran — is Khartoum, North Sudan under the control of Omar al-Bashir. After a perfect al-Bashir in 1989, the municipal coup, he spent most cruel ways Islamization of the country (which led to a bloody war and civilian eventually caused the disintegration of the country, has made the potential for war between South and North Sudan), which pull together Khartoum and Tehran. At the current time, Iran supports Northern Sudan in question prepyadstviya Darfur, Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile. Khartoum expects the Iranians significant investments in the country.

With respect to the Palestinian problem Tehran takes a tough stance — Iran is against the idea of solving the Palestinian conflict through the creation of 2-countries. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that "all land belongs to Palestinians." According to the views of Tehran, "the Zionist entity" should be eliminated. Iranian favorites often hold sessions of "exposure" Zionists.

In the near future worsening affairs of Iran and Turkey. Both countries claim to be the favorite of the Islamic world, because the conflict is programmed thoughts "of the Ottoman Empire — 2" and "Shiite caliphate." Although t
hey have a question, where the Turks and Iranians in solidarity — the problem of the Kurds. Ankara and Tehran to aggressively suppress the Kurdish national liberation movement. In addition, countries could profitably cooperate in the supply of hydrocarbons from Iran to Europe. At the moment, the Iranian-Turkish affairs complicated by two issues: the problem and the Syrian agreement on the placement of U.S. missile defense radar in the Turkish countryside.

The main problem of the domestic political

The struggle between opponents of President Ahmadinejad and his supporters. There is a campaign to discredit the president and his associates. The reason for this campaign was a resounding scandal, which is related to fraud in the amount of 2.8 billion U.S. dollars. This event is considered naikrupneyshim theft in the Islamic republic. According voiced disk imaging, Iranian Bank Saderat, Bank Melli, Tat Bank, the Central Bank Iran Ministry of Economy and were involved in this financial speculation. In connection with this incident a number of officials of the Islamic Republic, as head of the Bank Melli and Saderat resigned, and some have left the government. 10's of people have been arrested and were under investigation. In the investigation into the Iranian parliamentary committee recognized the need for investigative measures in respect of the administration of the Iranian president. There is a perception that the scam took the role of head of administration of the president of Iran Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei (once he is a relative of Ahmadinejad — the son of the president's daughter is married to Masha), which was considered a protege of Ahmadinejad as head of the country.

There is a perception that the attack on the president of Iran due to the fact that the country is smoldering conflict between the "old revolutionaries" limited powers and the young generation of managers who are trying to modernize the country's policy response to the challenges of the time. In other words, it's almost systemic political crisis caused by the need to modernize the system, made by Ayatollah Khomeini.

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