Iran. Vices are compressed

Tension over Iran and its nuclear programs from every day or amplified. Samples solve the problem by discussion of international conferences and negotiations, considering the situation in the United Nations does not bring results. Already on Iran began info war and processing of public opinion. These are the precursors of a real war, the global consequences of which no one is. But a number of major problems still remain out of this confrontation, and information warfare. For these tasks, for obvious reasons, no one wants to pay attention to. Urgently needed war.

The main complaint against Iran by Israel, the U.S. and its allies, the UN, the IAEA and other organizations, is just barely programmke their opinion about Iran's nuclear weapons in violation of international law. There is no real evidence, although it is recognized Iran's right to peaceful nuclear energy. But here the question arises: why are the same requirements as to Iran are not made by the same organizations in Israel which is in violation of international law possesses by 2 hundred square meters of nuclear weapons? And why is not his area of international inspections, why silent UN, the IAEA, the United States, our homeland, China, and others? Why with all this, does not mention that Iran's nuclear programm began early 50-ies of the last century by the Yankees, who built a nuclear reactor in Tehran Institute and helped to prepare professionals. Again the double standards? Unusual interpretation of the issue put forward the president of the Institute of Near East, past president of the Russian Jewish Congress, a member of the Presidential Council (!) Russian "Society of Friendship with the Arab countries (!)" Mr. E. Satanovskiy. The essence of his thoughts came down to the fact that in Israel predictable policy, and Iran is not, because Israel can and must possess nuclear weapons for security reasons, he did not use, but Iran may apply.

By the same logic, that of Israel seized in violation of UN resolutions part of Jerusalem, because there is a Jewish shrine, 78 percent of the area of Palestine and the Golan Heights to Syria, because it is necessary for its security, as it corresponds to international law, UN resolutions — a question that, as the theme of a nuclear weapon remains open and unobtrusive. And at this juncture, Mr. E. Satanivs'ka "sane and predictable" government Israel openly declares that the cause strike Iran's nuclear facilities, a UN member state. As one of these "experts" last Advisor to the Prime Minister of Israel's national security and counter-terrorism Dani Arditi, Israel all have the ability to attack Iran and damage the nuclear centers, with all this false belief that Israel would be less harmful than after the second Lebanon war, ie unacceptable harm will be done. Such as Dani Arditi do not understand the main prepyadstviya: international law on strikes even ordinary ammunition on nuclear, chemical, biological objects, a large hydraulic structures … leading to huge loss of life and in a human ecological collapse on important areas is equal to the use of weapons of mass destruction. Ie the application of Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear facilities (as it was June 6, 1981 in the case of Iraq, when Israel destroyed it nuclear Reactor) essentially is nothing else like the beginning of a nuclear war against the Iran! So Makarov, and Iran has a legitimate right to respond correctly to Israel is the same, even more so in spite of the defense system of Israel and the U.S. missile defense ship grouping, it is such an opportunity.

According to the head of Israeli military intelligence Kochavi, in March 2012, Iran has already received four tons of uranium enriched to 3.5%, and 100 kg of enriched to 20%. Because if they believe Israeli military intelligence, Iran able to put a few 10 s nuclear dirty bomb attacks on the country of Israel and reincarnate it in Chernobyl for many years. Spraying for example just over half a million of Tel Aviv a few hundred kilograms of enriched uranium would force the entire population to leave the city, home to lose, unnecessarily undertake a complete decontamination of the town is unreal. With all of this will be lost beaches, agricultural areas, industrial plants, water sources, destroyed the country's economy … So Makarov, even striking only one of Tel Aviv is already causing unacceptable harm to Israel, turning it into a nuclear desert. So when the favorite, Ayatollah Khamenei said that Israel would be destroyed in the first nine minutes, then such statements he has more than a good reason.

If the Israelis put their trust to help the Yankees in the matter, and that's not without problems. In March of this year in the United States was held hidden Shtabnaya game Internal Look, the analysis of which showed:

1) The United States will not avoid at least some role in the confrontation between Israel and Iran.
2) The United States entered the war after the death of 200 people.
3) As a result of the war could kill thousands of American people.
4) The head of Central Command, U.S. Army Gen. John Mattis after end of the war games with confidence told his subordinates that an Israeli strike on Iran would have disastrous (catastrophic) consequences for the region as a whole and for the United States.
5) The attack on Iran is likely to occur only with the permission of the UN Security Council, which is due to the position of Russia and China will not be (the situation in Yugoslavia may again be repeated.) The only justification may be the use of force by the state, if it has become a victim of aggression, but in this case, Iran will be the victim of aggression.

Because in case of an attack on Iran by Israel, the Americans decided to go by Thoren, as it was more than once in their history. In 1941, the military and political control of the United States understood the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, but did nothing to prevent it, needed an excuse to start a war with Japan and the subordination of self Pacific. In the end, this attack Americans lost 2,403 killed and 1,178 wounded. The war in Vietnam, they unleashed after themselves fired their ships in the Gulf of Tonkin. It was necessary to extend the Pacific hegemony through Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia. In the end, the United States lost the Vietnam War — 58,000 killed, 303,000 wounded, 100,000-150,000 veterans committed suicide after the war. On September 11, 2001, it was clear the South American intelligence agencies. But when the attacks occurred meaningful participation result 2977 dead and 24 missing. After that began the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, and now, as a continuation of — revolution and newcomer configuration Near East, with an attempt subordination of Iran. To do this, and have been introduced in the Gulf of Hormuz and U.S. ships, need another political provocation after a strike by Israel on Iran. U.S. ships in the narrow Hormuz and the Persian Gulf substituted by a direct hit Iranian missiles that from a military point of view, is a medical stupidity, but then you can lose more than 200 people. Declare himself a victim of anger and start a war against Iran by Israel, following him all the stained work.

U.S. military and several NATO allies are in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Afghanistan. So Makar, these countries as members of anger will be drawn into a war with Iran, and will receive a very painful blows. Especially since the terrain of these states unfold terrorist fighters against U.S. facilities and its allies suffer in the U.S. and Europe. Military, political and religious capacities of Iran for this fully enough. And this is for long years a blow to the entire system of international security, the global econ
omy, the environment of a large region, the collapse of oil prices, millions of victims and refugees … particularly against the backdrop of the global crisis that dollar and the euro will collapse with all the ensuing consequences. But most importantly, it is guaranteed destruction of Israel, is not essential, in the first nine minutes, or nine days. Because now apparently Israeli and South American analysts are very very scared and decided to do a global suicide.

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