Iran wants to demonstrate its nuclear facilities professionals who come from IAEA

The delegation of professionals International Organization for Atomic Energy (IAEA), led by a professional on the Iranian nuclear program there Nakerttsem Herman arrived in Iran (Information Bi-bi-si).

The visit of the delegation to the Iran — Already the second. It was likely due to the country's government agreed to continue the talks. Prior to the trip Nakertts Herman told reporters that from this visit IAEA waiting for some results as well as promoting Iranian authorities. The most important, according to Nakerttsa will study the question of a possible military application of nuclear programs from Iran.

But, as he said in an interview with Iranian television ISNA minister of foreign affairs of Iran, Ali Akbar Salehi, the demonstration of nuclear facilities during the two-day visit of professionals are not available.

As you know, 23rd January 2012 the EU approved a new package of sanctions against Iran fuel sector, which was intended to reduce sources of financing Iran's nuclear applets. Council of the European Union imposed a ban on the import, purchase and transport of Iranian crude oil and petroleum products and all the related foreign exchange and insurance operations. In addition, the ban was imposed on the export of petrochemical equipment to Iran, the transfer of technology, the creation of joint ventures and investments in the Iranian oil sector companies. According to the adopted restrictive measures until mid-2012 from the introduction of sanctions exempt existing agreements with Iran.

A prerequisite for economic sanctions against Iran was the publication of the report IAEA. It was reported that Iran in 2003 led to efforts aimed at producing nuclear weapons, and it has been suggested that this kind of activity can be carried out up to now. Israel, the United States and several Western countries suspect now Iran in the creation of nuclear weapons. But the Iranian government says its nuclear programm has a peaceful nature.

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