Iran wants to evict the C-300

The Ministry of Defense of Iran and the Iranian municipal company Aerospace Industries Organization filed a lawsuit against the Russian Federation in International arbitral tribunal with the requirement to pay them $ 4 billion in compensation for giving RF from the supply air defense systems S-300. The contract for the supply of arms to the amount of 800 million dollars was signed in late 2007, but due to the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 1929 in June 2010 prohibiting the delivery to Iran of conventional weapons, the then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree stopping Russian sale weapons to Iran, and the deposits made for With-300 was returned to full Iranian side. According to the views of Tehran, a ban on the supply of Russian S-300 is incompetent, since the beginning of the supply air defense systems is not contrary to Security Council resolution, and, according to Iran, in any way with it is not related.

As reported by the newspaper "Kommersant", citing its own sources in the Russian government, the management of the Russian Federation has concluded that the ability to please the Geneva tribunal action against Iran, "Rosoboronexport" is very significant. According to the newspaper disk imaging, management of these criteria in the country wants to achieve from the Iranian side review the lawsuit. If you do not work, the sources of the newspaper does not exclude the possibility that our homeland will still supply. The fact is that in the case of the Iranian claim to appease Russia may be subject to a heavy fine $ 4 billion, which is about 30% (!) Of the annual revenue of the Russian Federation ($ 13.2 billion) from the sale of weapons abroad. In addition to the real problems that our homeland might suffer serious and reputational costs.

Meanwhile, assume that Iran really wants to achieve from Moscow chetyrehmilliardnoy compensation payments should not be. Iran funds are not needed, it requires specific C-300. About this and they say Russian experts, including the Director of the Research Center of Modern Iran Rajab Safarov. Tehran just to get his lust, resuming exports so he needed air defense systems. Let's not forget that Iran to know the cost and has certain ambitions, since claims to be the favorite in the Islamic world and the leading regional power. Safarov, "Some forces in Iran considered such behavior Moscow insult". Another thing is the means by which Iran achieves their goals. It seems that Iran would withdraw its own action Only in this case, if the RF completely renew the contract, and this is a kind of blackmail interstate. Russian side, but also has the right to be offended. Moscow can not hurt, and the fact that it takes a constructive approach in the negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program there, and Iran in response to this, turn on the lawsuits in international courts. Iran comes very aggressively and arrogantly — Moscow is unlikely to suffer a rough financial pressure, and if they decide to renew the contract of frozen, then obviously not because Iran has filed a lawsuit in an international court.

Completely may be that action Iranians against Russia filed, by the way, back in April, was designed to replace a RF President. Neuzh that Iranians and really believed that they will reach from the President-elect Putin's cancellation of the decision of his predecessor and colleague Medvedev? In this case, it should be said that the calculation of the Iranians, if he had the place to be very questionable.

Whatever the motives of Iran when filing a lawsuit, one thing is clear: the language of blackmail money in this situation obviously inappropriate. Yet, our home was in a very difficult position than likely, will not fail to make use of its rivals in the arms market, as the opposition, which trumpeted on every corner, that trust of and its management can not, because it does not own responsibilities for signed international treaties. Criticizing Medvedev's decision to ban the supply taken directly behind the Security Council resolution, it is necessary to keep in mind that we are talking about things even more complicated than just "take and give (sell) Iran S-300, that of the Yankees fought back," it is the harmonious combination of the international responsibilities and national interests of the Russian Federation, and the common and specific solutions here simply do not exist.

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