Iran with an outstretched hand will not stand

The witch hunt continues. The West is trying to convince whole the world that Iran's nuclear programm is focused on the creation of weapons of mass destruction and is a real danger of global security. In respect of this country are introduced all the new sanctions. More recently, the EU may impose an embargo on Iranian oil on their terrain. The possibility of such a step justified by the need to limit the ability of monetary Iran in order to prevent the continuation of the creation of the state of nuclear weapons. Neuzh then the Europeans and indeed so fear the Iranian nuclear bomb that voluntarily agree to it, so take oil at $ 250 — $ 300 a barrel? Specifically, these numbers refer to prices, many economic analysts said the likelihood of early uncontrolled growth of prices oil as a result of the embargo.

To say that a similar solution for Europe out of time — say nothing. In fact, the criteria of insoluble debt crisis in the euro zone introduction an embargo on Iranian oil to Europe — a very risky move. According to experts, the cost per oil and without waiting for a new leap. The market froze in anticipation of the meeting of OPEC, which is scheduled for the following week. The fact that the organization did not change production quotas since 2008. Against the backdrop of the fall of the rate of growth in world oil consumption, many economists believe that the quota for its production is likely to be reduced.

European risk even more so stupid that Iran can easily survive embargo, one hundred percent of reorienting its own oil exports to China. Supporter of this view is the chairman of the Islamic Committee of Russia Heydar Jemal: "Iran with an outstretched hand will not stand, Beijing — it is a strategic partner of Iran, which supports its technologically and militarily."

Speaking on the implementation of the embargo, the Europeans are very proud, they underestimate the economic power and, apparently, still continue to overestimate their own. Iran's economy continues to grow, while Europe is going through a very difficult time. The Iranian economy is based on the impressive potential of its own domestic market, which gives the country new jobs. With all of this in the national economy involved half a million of workers from Afghanistan and other Central Asian states, which in itself says a lot.

In political terms, Iran is also perfectly stable. This was confirmed nedavneshnie action around the embassy in Tehran, England. With all of this harsh measures taken by the executive Iran against the enemies of Ahmadinejad and members of a "fifth column", are widely supported among the population. In the conditions of the neutralization of the "fifth column", the military anger against Iran is very problematical, since no split in the country in the implementation of her attacks do not happen, the Iranians have only further unite around the power that will make the successful completion of the operation of the West quite impossible. So Makar, West, preferring to wage war against the weak little in advance of the enemy, did not dare to start a harsh action against Iran.

Thus, the introduction of oil embargo, and even more military action against Iran — measures untimely and deeply stupid. In addition, as a "crush" of Iran, the West, there is something to think about lately. The new year promises to be rich in action in the Mediterranean region, which became the band impermanence throughout its coast from Syria to Morocco. Heydar Jemal, a recognized one of the leading Russian political experts on Islam, said that as a result of accomplished color revolutions, on the whole of the Maghreb will come to power Islamist parties have consolidated. This can not care about Europe, because such a development would be for her severe headache. The fact is that the Islamic Maghreb political turnaround will take place against the background of the euro crisis, the likely collapse of the euro zone, the sharp drop in living standards, which can not affect the position of diasporas, which will be just damn. All this will force European vorachivatsya North Africans to their historic homeland and that bring a contribution to the growing chaos there.

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