Iran, without waiting for the C-300, is developing a more advanced air defense system

Iranian experts at developing more sophisticated in comparison with Russian S-300 anti-aircraft missile complex (SAM), reports "RBC" referring to the Iranian news network Press TV.

According to the chief command Fri defense Brigadier General Farzad Ismaili, a conceptual model of the new Iranian complex has been completed. With its design takes into account flaws and shortcomings, which are available for Russian S-300.

He also added that the armed Iranian complex "Bavaria-373" will be three types of missiles "ground-to-air" to work on targets in various areas.

In addition, the general has criticized the Russian side for the refusal to make terms of the contract for the supply of S-300, which, according to him, the Russian Federation has made under U.S. pressure.

Recall, on test of its own analogue S-300 air defense system Mersad, Iran reported a year earlier. Russian experts then said that no "analogue" the Iranians can not be by definition, in the best case we can talk about China's development, and the bellicose statements about Iran are propaganda bluff.

In 2007, Moscow and Tehran signed a bilateral agreement for the supply of air defense systems. Our homeland but later refused to fulfill the transaction, explaining the refusal of the UN Security Council resolution. This gave rise to a claim to the UN International Criminal Tribunal for recovery of damages in favor of Iran. The case is still pending.

C-300 — anti-aircraft missile system, created for the defense of large industrial and administrative facilities, military bases and Fri control of enemy air and space attack the enemy. Can destroy ballistic targets, there is a theoretical possibility of attacking ground targets. Recent modifications of S-300 systems are capable of destroying enemy aircraft at a distance of 150 kilometers and an altitude of 27 km.

System C-300 was adopted by the armament in the Soviet Union in 1979. S-300 possess the highest noise immunity and are able to immediately fire up to 24 targets with guidance for each goal till 2 missiles from one launcher (PU) or up to 4 missiles with 2-CP. The whole process of fighting very automated. S-300 to be able to kill all the modern aerial targets — aircraft, cruise and ballistic missiles.

There are several modifications of the complex: C-300V With-300PMU, C-300 PMU-1. Complex located on the track or wheelbase ("Ural" or "MWTP") depending on the version. In 2004, the armament Forces also adopted the S-400.

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