Iranian military shot down a South American drone, report media

As reported by the web edition Denki.RU., Iran's air defense forces shot down south american flying apparatus. He produced exploration of the territory of the country.

"Divisions of air defense managed to find and to bring down the South American reconnaissance UAV, who broke the air space of the Islamic Republic in the east, "- said a source in the power structures of Iran. According to him, the question about the machine RQ-170.

The source pointed out that the incidence of UAV received minor injuries. After that, he was captured by Iranian armed forces. Together with the fact an official comment from the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic is not yet done.

But a source in Tehran warned that further struggle with South American reconnaissance drones may be conducted abroad. "Given the trivial violations air borders of the country, the acts of the Iranian forces of electricity and operational defense will apply to areas on the other side of the municipal boundaries of the country," — identified in defense circles of the country.

Note that a few months back the Iranian air defense units of the Revolutionary Guards have declared the winding up of the South American drone. At the time, apparatus was shot down near a nuclear facility near the town of Qom Ford. First, the Iranian military claimed that struck two more drones, used spices from the U.S.. But the Ministry of Defense of the United States of data on the loss of aircraft disproved, RIA announcements.

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