Iranian missile programm has suffered greatly due to the explosion nedavneshnego

Large explosion, occurred three weeks back and has become a prerequisite for the destruction of brain missile test site near Tehran, caused significant harm to the creation of modern missiles programmke distant actions Iran.

On the satellite photo shows that the landfill is actually quite destroyed. Likely to explode rocket Hard fuel. These missiles can be launched virtually simultaneously. This makes them very fundamental component of the deterrent force to respond to preventive South American or Israeli strike. Also solid-fuel missiles is better suited for the transport of liquid over long distances.

Until now it is unclear what is the premise of the explosion. Experts from the United States, they say, that the premise of the incident could be the inexperience Iran in the design and operation of this type of missile. Tehran this explosion has been called an accident, but died as a result of the explosion of guided missile programs from the country declared a "martyr." By some guesses, explosion was the result of sabotage, but in favor of this version there is no evidence.

The United States, according to unconfirmed reports, are active in the field of intelligence gathering. To detect clandestine nuclear and missile facilities in Iran used unmanned aerial vehicles. Yesterday it was announced that the East Iran was shot down reconnaissance drone RQ-170 U.S.. If this information is correct, in the hands of the Iranian military could get ultra-modern South American stealth technology.

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