Iraq — a trump card in the Middle East policy of the Russian Federation

In the 3rd and final round of the U.S. presidential debate Barack Obama "Uel" Mitt Romney on all fr — including the Middle East. Without going into unnecessary details, we just South American political scientists analyzed the Conch debate, summarized: Obama looked "compelling and far-sighted", because "looking to the future", but Mr. Romney "looked back, gave examples from the past" that states that it has no clear foreign policy agenda.

"Governor — asked Obama to Romney — you said that our naval forces at this point less than in 1916. I can assure you, we are now also less horses and bayonets. We got those things, they are called carriers, their planes land. And then there are the ships that sail under water submarines. This is not the game for you in the boats, the governor. "

On Iraq rival incumbent reasoned like George W. Bush, who, according to him their assurances to storm the country, "the Lord commanded." But since Bush almost everything has changed. Obama reminded Romney that today is not 2003, and 2012. He said:

"Every time you spoke, you were wrong. You were that we should go into Iraq, although there are no nuclear weapons, you were that we had to keep the troops in Iraq, and to this day … "

The most curious that Romney is wrong and misguided. It is generally fairly consistent in its foreign policy statements — except changing the cerebral enemy of America with the Russian Federation on "Al-Qaeda" plus Iran. Vietnam veteran Senator McCain, who in terms of "Cold War" thinking much brighter Mitt Romney, not so long ago said that the mistake was the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan after the withdrawal of Russian troops from there:

"Transferring weapons to the resistance fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan was not a mistake. The mistake was the decision to give Afghans their fate after the departure of Russian. "

Mitt Romney admits the same idea with regard to Iraq.

A holy place is never empty, and some geopolitical vacuum that emerged in Baghdad is seeking to fill our home. Thorough partnership with Moscow promotes Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki.

Until now, the media attention focused on the arms deal between Iraq and Russia. Two weeks ago back Nouri al-Maliki visited Moscow, and the media found out that we are talking about several contracts naikrupneyshie of which — contracts for the supply of 30 (or 36) attack helicopters Mi-28NE and 42 (or 48) ZRPK 96K6 "Armour C1 ". Iraq decided to purchase a RF weapons and military equipment to 4200000000. bucks (or maybe all 5). New contracts can bring Russia on 2nd place in the list of suppliers of arms to Iraq. The first U.S. remains: that of their 467 contracts valued at 12.3 billion. bucks.

Analysts differently to comment. Expressed the idea that Iraq has decided to put America back on and declare an independent policy. Other experts on the Middle East took this easier: Baghdad, he says, just finds cheap weapons, South American — very valuable, well accustomed to the Iraqis and Russian.

Al-Maliki has decided to clarify the situation. He said that Washington will not be able to block Baghdad signed an agreement for the purchase of Russian weapons:

"Whether it's buying an implement or oil or policy advice, we are on these issues with no one to advise. Our foreign policy is, that come from their own interests. "

Washington in the person of Vice-President and head of the Pentagon gave Iraq to realize that this is somehow not human: rearm his army without the consent of the Pentagon.

But Baghdad has stepped up military and trade cooperation with Moscow after the head of the international affairs committee of the U.S. Senate John Kerry said that the need to end the supply of U.S. arms to Iraq — Baghdad because of the failure to intercept Iranian plane carrying military supplies bound for Syria.

In other words, Americans in some degree to blame themselves. Defend "American values" — is one thing, but to do business — more. If the first hinders the second, to conceive and make smart choices. In fact did before. And Kerry somehow blundered: put the "values" ahead of profits. At first, said, later thought to. And profit is about to leave for Russia.

Of course, outlook is as if al-Maliki map and Putin will be trumped.

For instance, Orientalist Bulat Nureyev ("Echo of Moscow") said al-Maliki plans nekompitentnymi:

"In the Middle East, in a short time activated another political actor — Iraq. Let me remind you that the federalization of Iraq and even probable creation of the Kurdish self-contained parts of the country on its territory and included in the plans for the reconstruction of the West in the region. It seems to be independent Kurdistan, which can be used against the pan-Turkic movements, not only in this region and throughout the Eurasian region — it is just what is needed Moscow. But the actions developed for entirely different scenario. The Prime Minister of this country, Nouri al-Maliki gives a clear grasp it, in-1's, will not tolerate the subsequent decentralization of Iraq and the Kurdish statehood, in-2, will do its utmost to resist the Turkish "neo-Ottoman" hegemony in the region. Have you thought of it or not, hard to judge, but he started a tough confrontation, as the Turks and the Kurds at once, apparently not realizing that such makarom only promotes their consolidation. "

Agree with this statement seriously: it is very much evidence of bad.

Earlier, a similar Kurdish outlook was expressed in the Iraqi parliament, which, by the way, arms deals not yet approved. Some members of parliament believe that, armed to the teeth, al-Maliki will ignite the flame of the internal conflict in Iraq (of course, oppose the Kurds), just make friends with Iran, Syria, and will complicate the affairs of the country with Turkey.

Iraqi Kurds worried specifically arms treaty with Russia. They believe that the Russian instrument will be used against them. Attack helicopters, for example. But Iraqi President Talabani D. said that the country is arming in case of a possible conflict with the Turks. Of course, a personal matter Kurds — believe it or not, but al-Maliki would hardly venturing into the existing foreign policy situation immediately two games against the Kurds and the Turks. After all, if you really against the Turks, then together with the Kurds. Prime Minister considers the balance of power in the region and gun purchases. By the way, except for the Russian Federation and the United States, he still buys aircraft from the Czech Republic — to a billion

But B. Nureyev makes a different conclusion:

"Therefore, Moscow, having a clear and balanced position on the Middle East and the" Arab Spring ", losing their own traditional allies, without having to buy new ones. After all, it is clear that modern-day Iraq — Atlantic project on its own essence, and it is dependent on the West. In this context, the question is brewing itself: whether the Russian Foreign Ministry's foreign policy clear? Who determines the country's foreign policy: Spices with great buko
vkoy of the word, or, as they say, relatives, "friends for co-op" and classmates, leading parasitic activity in the patriotic words of vanity, and their own incompetence? "

Atlantic project? One hundred percent dependent? To this he responds al-Maliki:

"For example, we have good relations with America, and with Iran, although they among themselves, as you know, the contradictions. When purchasing an instrument, we believe the number of those needs that we have. Everyone knows that we pursue a policy of open and do not wish that Iraq was transformed into someone else's turf. "

For the "fiefdom" Yankees was sad, but the objection was nothing to do. Do not they have built in Iraq eight years of democracy?

Is not it bustles with lead Iraq so that now there are terminally ill almost of all babies born so long ago, and even 10's years will be boys and girls are born with congenital heart defects, with multi-functional disorders of the brain, with mutilated limbs? Is not the South American military to blame for this misery of the Iraqi people that hit them due to air pollution by lead and mercury vapor? Scientists have proved a direct link between such anomalies as massive miscarriages and birth defects, and the intervention of the coalition forces led by the U.S. in Iraq. Results of investigations agree on one thing — the disastrous effects on the health of people had the use of the South American instruments:

"Scientists have presented the horrific details: the lead content in the hair of Iraqi babies born with abnormalities, 5 times greater than all the limits and characteristics of healthy babies. In Basra, the children found the highest levels of lead in their teeth.

During pregnancy, lead, settled in the body of my mother comes to bone baby. In the blood of the fetus vtochnosti same level of lead in blood as mothers …

Exposure to mercury affects the brain, kidneys, disastrous effect on the development of the embryo. In Iraq, the air, water and earth saturated with vapors of mercury and lead — the consequences of military intervention with the use of modern weapons technology. "

The war almost destroyed the Iraqi civilization. Logically, a friend of al-Maliki as the opportunity presents itself, as the Russian showed appropriate enthusiasm, turned off the South American way.

According to Mr. Nureyev, Moscow nekompitentna, but neoosmanist Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister, "is seeking the next success." Orientalist believes that Turkish Kurds not only not to behold the face of Ankara's former danger, but the prime minister even enlisted their support — and why "feels confident in the international arena." So confidently that "neo-date as Turkish ideology has its own perspective."

These are what are the prospects? Association with the PKK Kurdish army in Syria, the creation of which not so long ago, President Assad gave good — I almost threw Erdogan in shock? .. In Turkey, despite long been proclaimed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmet Davutoglu policy of "zero problems with neighbors", there is not the 1st neighbor with whom today would not have problems.

The course of neo, which is held "moderate Islamist" Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey can not be realized. So says the editor in chief of the magazine "Russia in Global Affairs" Fyodor Lukyanov, which in old days was in Istanbul for the congress on safety issues Black Sea and Caucasus regions, where in addition to the main theme, tone and Syria. He said:

"… The opinion of people who think about one thing: Turkey overestimated their abilities and underestimated the complexity of the whole round. As a result, Erdogan was in a position where the acts leading to the deterioration and failure to act leads to loss of reputation. Therefore it is necessary to act, despite the fact that the majority of the population, according to polls, it is not in favor of war with Syria, no it does not seem appropriate. "

No, the government of Turkey and the former authority inside the country. Neither Erdogan nor Davutoglu people do not support them.

October 21, in the border with Syria, Hatay Province Rally "No to imperialist intervention in Syria." The other day, on October 20, united the Turkish public organizations — the Confederation of Trade Unions of the revolutionary workers, the Confederation of Trade Unions of civil servants, the Federation of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects, the Federation of Turkish doctors — also held a protest in Ankara. They opposed the ongoing Justice and Development Party, led by Erdogan, policy toward Syria, and along with its economic consequences. Secretary General of the Confederation of Trade Unions of civil servants in Turkey Ismail Hakki Tombul read a proclamation to the press:

"The AKP government leads to the impoverishment of the people and by acting as a contractor to the imperialist intervention in the life of Syria, pushing the country into a bloody war. Turkey to blame for the death of innocent people in Syria. Ankara at the bidding of the United States military has become a regional foothold and leads the militant policy, fanning sectarian clashes. Educated under the influence of heavy military spending trying to close the budget deficit at the expense of workers' pockets, introducing new taxes and raising prices. "

In foreign policy Erdogan is not independent, it relies on throughout the United States, NATO, the UN Security Council. Only hurt for a leisurely "soyuznichki" can explain nedavneshnie RT Erdogan's statements at the Global Forum Istanbul — the right of the UN reform, where "what happens is that they say five permanent members of Security Council", and that, say, in the modern world Western countries are no longer the sole focus. However, it is unclear why it was sovereign neoosmanist times Erdogan urges Western countries to help Syrian democracy — despite the apparent shift in the center of the world in the direction of the Turkic peoples?

There are no prospects for the "neo".

Ankara, which obviously do not support either NATO or the United States, refuse to openly interfere in Turkey's border conflict with Syria, perhaps, will soon have to abandon the fundamental claim to regional hegemony. Prime Minister Erdogan has not only not headed for success in a neo, but quickly lost his zeal for his own political identity. Encouraging the "opposition" in Syria, he kindles the flames of war there — that disastrous impact on the Turkish economy. 100 thousand Syrian refugees crossed the border in Turkey — is a serious burden to the budget of Turkey.

As for an intra-Kurdish issue, then it B. Nureyev could answer Head of Iraqi Kurdistan Massoud Barzani, who — exactly as al-Maliki — strongly condemns the economic and political agenda of Turkey in the region.

"Perhaps, — says Alexei Chichkin journalist — for the first time in its 80-year history of the self-contained Iraqi government is speaking with one voice in economic and political matters."

In general, in the Turkish newspaper «Hurriyet Daily News» expressed outlook opposite:

"You can not be in a good relationship with al-Maliki or Iran if you're in a good-quality relations with Barzani."

Hence, the journalist concludes: Iraq will be a struggle for power.

The Kurdish question is, in the views of the creator can change the map Near East. If complicate matters between the Turks and the Kurds, if the conflict spill over the border of the country, and it will accept the role of the Kurds in Syria and Iraq, Kurdistan could reach out to the Mediterranean sea — through Iraq and Syria. Here creator cautious and says that perhaps our homeland, Iran, and Iraq will try to prevent this.

Analyst Resource News "al-Iraq," Ayad al-Samarrai thinks Iraqi favorites together with Russian and Iranians are going to assist Syria. Specifically, for the sake of Syria and help lay in Moscow an arms deal. So Makar, the journalist said, we look folding Union: Our homeland Iraq + Iran + + + Syria and even Lebanon, "Hezbollah". Al-Maliki's visit to Moscow, the creator of article refers to "historical."

Why is this happening? Analyst shows: "mode" al-Assad in Syria is "on the verge of collapse," the Iranian economy "reeling under the weight of sanctions", which causes inflation, and because Moscow and Tehran are thinking about the plan of salvation of Syria and Iran. Their joint idea is to use this to Iraq. To do this, Moscow

"Manipulates his minions ignorant, unable to understand what is going on behind the scenes of world politics."

It all became clear after the creator of a string of visits. In 1-x, Iraq has recently visited senior Iranian security officers. In-2, Prime Minister al-Maliki flew to Russia ("in search of the latest formula of security cooperation"). B-3, the capital of al-Maliki's visit was preceded by a visit to the commander of the Iraqi Kurdistan "Qods" (special unit of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) Brigadier General Qassem Soleimani, during which he met with President Talabani and his assistants — in order to realize if they agree to cooperate with Tehran in order to save the Assad government in Syria. Earlier Soleimani visited Ankara and Damascus. And after it arrived in Baghdad, Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi. After all, there are reports that Iranian President Ahmadinejad plans to visit Baghdad.

Hence the conclusion: taking into account that the U.S. seeks to overthrow all allies of al-Maliki, and they will soon give up on him. Iraq, struck up a friendship with the "traditional" enemy of America — Russia, will once again be one of America's enemies. You receive the highest possible that Washington takes actions on the substitution of al-Maliki in the not to distant time. Did this will apply the internal Iraqi arms, as prime minister for a number of local political units — a figure unnecessary.

Expressed the view that for the 6 years of the al-Maliki did not improve security in the country, which has spread corruption in it. Poor and the fact that he does not approve of the policy of Turkey, and because of this, "louder roar of war drums." In the end, Iraq "can once again be a victim."

Journalist recommends the Prime Minister to make peace with his people first, and then be friends with the "outsiders".

Favourite Iraqi Shiite Moqtada al-Sadr also criticized the Russian-Iraqi contracts for the supply of arms to Iraq. Al-Sadr said that it is contrary to public aspirations of the Iraqi people and the general empty waste of money. According to the views of Moqtada al-Sadr, the contracts for the supply of Russian weapons in Iraq will strengthen the contradictions inside the country.

Meanwhile, many Iraqi Kurds (See the edition of «The Kurdish Globe», creator notes — Salih Valadbadzhi) have a different outlook. Hassan Jihad, a Kurdish member of the Committee of Defence and Security Iraq's State Assembly, said the Kurdish media that Agreement between the Ministry of Peshmerga Kurdish and Iraqi Ministry of Defense will benefit the Kurds: they will be given a fraction of the arms of those supplies that the Iraqi central government plans to acquire contracts with Russia and the Czech Republic.

So Makar, add, like the Turks did not want to create Barzani from al-Maliki separately, in which case the principle of "divide and rule" does not work.

According to fellow Jihad, the main motive is to equip weapons procurement Iraqi army and improve security in the country. The only obvious argument that some Kurds object to al-Maliki, is what is so urgent acquisition of heavy weapons is not justified. It is here that other political commentators and sees the threat of Iraqi Kurds.

The Iraqi government sets air defense missile and radar systems in order to effectively tackle the Turkish violators air border of Iraq — just oppose the Kurds, including those composed in the Kurdistan Workers' Party, which in Turkey is considered a terrorist organization.

Some Kurds, who wished to remain anonymous, they say that today's armed country reminds them of the times of Saddam.

Also, an unnamed Iraqi source said that plan to send about 12,000 American soldier in Iraq. These soldiers will join about 4,000 soldiers, until now serving in Iraq after the withdrawal of U.S. troops in 2011.

88-year-old Jimmy Carter, former President of the United States, on the day or was in Iraq. «Today» notes that, in this regard, the Pentagon press secretary George Little said, Carter's own trip highlighted the role of Iraq in regional stability.

Maybe the "stability" J. Little seen in the desire of Iraq purchased from the American F-16s and tanks.

Behold the other columnists in this procurement compliance defense interests of the Shia of Iraq: eighteen American F-16, purchased on an expedited basis would represent a "Shiite shield" in Iraq. The creator notes «Townhall Finance» believes that these aircraft posodeystvuyut do in Iraq "shield of Shiite Islam."

As for Moscow, it tries to return to its classic strong role in the Middle East. So says journalist Anna Nemcova («The Daily Beast», source Acronym translation — "Inopressa").

In her opinion, to restore its own influence in the Middle East, the Kremlin resorted to the usual means: contracts for the purchase of oil and arms sales. Anna Nemtsov says:

"At the moment the most promising partner for Russia — Iraq."

Ruslan Pukhov, director of the Moscow Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, says:

"Obviously, the South American influence in Iraq is overrated. Shiite government begins to pursue a course, are more independent of Washington. "

So Makarov, it is a comfortable time for the return of the impact in Baghdad. A holy place, and indeed can not be empty.

Iraq, writes journalist, Russian investments are needed: for the harm caused to the Iraqi infrastructure during the war, estimated at $ 800 billion. bucks.

And for the Russian Federation is fundamentally not only the military and trade cooperation, and the development of Iraqi oil fields: it is a sure method to ensure its industrial future in Iraq.

Currently in Iraq there are two Russian oil companies. Maybe one of them, "Lukoil", will acquire from the U.S. «Exxon» its project "West Qurna-1."

On the issue of Iraq's oil and had to speak to such an expert on the issue of resource, like Hillary Clinton. Speaking at Georgetown Institute, Council secretary said the United States that it is not worried about the fact that our homeland is naikrupneyshim
producer of oil in Iraq, as a result of oil produced by Russian companies is available on the world market and made available to all participants.

Well, well … When you have nothing to say, out of the sleeve goes trump universal love. Russian company? It is the will of the Iraqi people, consecrated South American values of brotherhood and democracy.

In actual fact Hillary elbows bites. In America, on-1's, terribly confused as to what the present government of Iraq is doing the same thing as doing the "regime" of Saddam — in other words, gun purchases in Russia. In-2, the State Department should be very angry because Iraq from May supplies oil and petroleum Syria — not only in spite of pressure from the U.S. and the EU, and on preferential criteria. And in Syria at the State Department on behalf of Hillary Clinton's position is the same: "Assad must go." But cooperation with Iraq, Iran, Russia and Syria — along with fellow international tenacity Lavrov and Churkin — make this withdrawal is almost mind-boggling prospect.

Past senior security analyst at the Pentagon Michael Maloof rights: Hussein overthrown, but the person turned around Baghdad to Moscow.

We litsezreem another example of how the South American boomerang hits senders own forehead. Provoevali eight years in Iraq, the envoys of Washington, bustles Iraqi soil with lead, and the air and water — mercury. More than $ 800 billion. dollars have been spent on the war. Four and a half thousand fighter who fought under the Stars and Stripes, found here his death. And all this then, that al-Maliki decided that "Lukoil" and "Gazprom Neft" is better «Exxon»? Then, to Baghdad openly stated the inadmissibility of the overseas owner at the "patrimony"? Then, that Iraq began to take an instrument in the Russian Federation — as in the days of Saddam Hussein? In the end, then, that in the Middle East ripe unbeatable trio of Shiite Iraq, Iran and Syria? Truly, Barack Huseynovich Obamkin — an agent of the Kremlin. And an excellent agent.

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
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