Iraq at gunpoint. What will end the war for resources?

Analysts international class many times we talk about the fact that the Iraq war is essentially a farce, which is good, "was produced by" South American power. The political situation in the Middle East has never differed vsepostoyanstvom, even in very remote times, as evidenced by the history of North Africa. Nowadays, due to the occurrence of a fundamental strategic resource in the form of oil tension grew constantly until it has gained critical mass in the late 90-ies of the last century. What are the main causes of the war in Iraq? The answer, surprisingly, only one — available oil.

The price for this important principled natural resource is constantly grow about 17-20% per year. This situation is observed in the market after the sharp spurt in prices in 70 years, which simply redefined the economy of the USSR and became a "fertilizer" for the active growth of political and economic forces in the Persian Gulf. Iraq held a lucrative position in the hierarchy of Near East and until that time, and was loved in every way trying to please the United States. Changes in the political situation has always depended on how the increased cost to the oil. Almost always in the analytical hands, the U.S. played a major role specifically Iraq. So it was in conflict with Iran and Saudi Arabia, the first and so was the 21 th century, when the United States seems to have finally put an end to their own relations with the Middle East.

In the criteria of constant lowering the budget surplus at high levels of inflation and increasing social spending in the U.S. was left with no choice but to go to war with Iraq. Naikrupneyshie analysts were convinced of the success of the operation, because imagine for themselves that Iraq is able to withstand a small war machine of America, it would be stupid. In general, mysteriously U.S. seized power in Iraq (we will call all their names) without severe losses that were inevitable in time ground operation.

The war, in turn, gave the U.S. another beautiful instrument for the salvation of the dying economy — the military orders. All perfectly clear that war — is a method of gain, besides it gives a rapid increase in production in the strategic sectors of the economy principle. Victorious war also helps to distract people from their own country far more fundamental events inside the country. The economic crisis that South American analysts have long predicted. By the way, already in the early 90's forecast of U.S. intelligence was disappointing, was the latest prerequisite to start a war.

The last reason of concern was Saddam Hussein himself and the information he possessed. Oil, the threat of economic collapse and "it was time to" change the pupae in the Middle East — the main prerequisites for the beginning of the Iraq war. In general, everything has long been clear that there was no WMD in Iraq, and there was not, not counting the development, which they received at different times from the United States and the Soviet Union.

Estimates of the absolute majority of political scientists are reduced to the fact that the U.S. and the Middle East had not yet ended. In the East, was a particular enemy of Iran and the United States is not one hundred percent controlled by Saudi Arabia, which occupies the first place on the supplies of oil in the world. The overall picture is also washed away due to China, which longs to increment its presence in world politics, the dynamic growth of the economy and, accordingly, the geopolitical impact of the newly resurgent Russia. U.S. will not "let down" the situation in the Persian Gulf on the pairs to have forgotten about oil and "sent down" to the war billion dollars.

Although at the moment almost all depends on the reaction of the world community, because the people of Iraq and the independent power still fail to come across for a long time within the boundaries of their own country.

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