Iraq attacks against Shiites, 27 dead, 70 injured

As reported by the web edition Denki.RU, in Iraqi towns came out two terrorist attacks that claimed the lives of more than 20 man. Blasts in Baghdad and Hillah bombings were aimed against Shiite pilgrims.

The first explosion destroyed 16 man, another 45 were injured, report, "BBC News". According to others, injured more than 60 man. The attack was carried out in the provincial capital of Babel, the town of Hillah. It is 100 kilometers from the capital of Iraq. This town is on the way to the holy Shi'ite town of Karbala and Najaf. Specifically Shiite pilgrims and became a target for extremists. In the area of the Nile detonated a car bomb. It came at the climax of Ashura ceremony celebratory processions in honor of the anniversary of Imam Hussein ibn Ali, the nephew of the Prophet Muhammad.

"Mined car was parked in the path of a Shiite procession in the Nile, killing 16 man, in the main ladies and kids "- leads the information from a source in the local police RIA announcements.

Second attack occurred in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. At the time of the procession of Shiite pilgrims on the street, there was a explosion mines laid by the road. He killed 7 man, another 13 were injured. Religious conflict between the representatives of 2-currents of Islam — Sunni and Shiite — often accompanied by attacks and bombings.

Recall that in late November in Iraq was closed camp Tuyur al-Jannah "(" Birds of Paradise "), in which kids were preparing for the role of suicide bombers. The main terrorists recruited young fighters from the number of orphans," al-Qaeda ". Camp was created by the global terror network in 2006, he was near the town of Bani Saad in Diyala province. During the liquidation of some leaders of this institution were destroyed, others were arrested.

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