Iraq no longer needs the Ukrainian armored personnel carriers?

At the end of January 2013 in the media disk imaging was reported that the Defense Ministry is considering Iraq's ability to revoke signed in 2009 contract with Ukraine for the supply of 420 armored personnel carriers BTR-4. According to the data posted, the Iraqi side has huge claims regarding the technical and operational features of APC, the properties of their production. In addition, Iraq is not happy and the same frustrations Ukrainian side delivery times. But, apparently, in this case there is also a political nuance.

At present, already it is not a secret event that the treaties of 2009, the price of which amounted to about 458 million dollars, and that meant the purchase of the Ukraine than 4 hundred wheeled armored vehicles, in fact, have been imposed on the Iraqi government to the United States of America. So Makar, South American government "thanked" Ukraine for the provision of support for the military campaign in Iraq. Recall the wound, in 2007, the South American Defense Ministry published the information that has recently planned to sell Iraq over three hundred Ukrainian BTR-3E1, which will be implemented through the South American intergovernmental system supplies FMS. Yet, the Iraqis had to enter into a contract for the purchase of more modern armored personnel carriers BTR-4. So Makar, Iraq has become the first customer, which Ukrainian bought "novelty." According to the terms of the agreement, all of wheeled armored vehicles, namely 420 units were to be delivered to Iraq before March last year.

Despite this, to this day the Iraqi side was able to get just only 88 cars of the designated 420 (26 of them were sent in the spring of 2011, and another 62 machines — illumine the middle of 2012). Such delays are related to the supply at first with a lot of problems faced by the Kharkov "Malyshev Plant".

It should also be noted that there is no disk imaging relative to the payment document on which the Ukrainian "defense" could get funds for sent in the vulgar, the armored personnel carriers, not now.

By the end of 2012, planned to put another batch of BTR-4 of 94 vehicles to Iraq. But, as is clear, the supply had not been committed, and the machines themselves so far are in the process of production. And even more than that, the Iraqi military, citing the fact that the term of the contract came to an end in autumn 2012 has announced that he wants to initiate negotiations with Russia and South Korea regarding the supply of similar armor.

A similar behavior of the Iraqi side is fully expected. From the beginning, there were problems with the agreement of its execution: that Ukrainians detained delivery, Iraqis refuses to accept the technique because of the problems. And every time there were "extreme" — those industries in which it was possible to shift the blame for the failures. But in reality, as they say analysts, the problem is not quite as Ukrainian art, as it fully meets NATO standards. The fact is that the representatives of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense can not find a common language with the Ukrainian group "Ukrspecexport."

If we talk more directly, it is a question of Dmitri SALAMATIN, who just started to fulfill its own obligations as defense minister, tried to take personal control treaties. He initiated the suspension of the intermediaries, the forces which Ukraine was able to sign a contract with Iraq. In addition, in front of them was a condition — to give three-quarters earned under the contract. It is clear that the mediators refused. Then in the financial scheme were introduced offshore structures, which had no relation to the contract, which, in fact, and brought under the risk of failure multi-million dollar contract.

But, as they say specialists, management "UkrSpetsExport" did not consider one feature arms market — all major contracts are concluded only with the help of intermediaries, trust and customer and vendor. It is clear that when the Ukrainian side has refused to play by the rules so easy, Iraq considered himself completely free of all duties.

By the way, there are similar difficulties in negotiations with Ethiopia, Ukraine, China, Libya and many other countries with which the Ukrainian the military-industrial complex.

It should also be noted that the new wheeled armored personnel carriers BTR-4 were to be delivered in the Ukrainian army. But fully understood that the decision to purchase 10 machines export configuration BTR-4E was true a political nature. The emergence of these machines in the Ukrainian army had equipment to facilitate the movement of international market as one that is used by state forces. But, despite the fact that the supply was supposed to perform before the end of last year, to this day they have not yet produced.

Ukrainian Defense Ministry in a long period of time to give in to sharp criticism basic design of armored personnel carriers BTR-4, requiring a significant degree of upgrade and recycle it. Such improvements planned for completion within the project BTR-4M. Only at the start of this year, a seasoned model BTR-4 MB on the project. With all of this in order to reduce the cost of production machine was converted from Macedonia failed to advance in the BTR-4B. The whole essence of the alteration was to install the stern ramp and the substitution of the bow of the hull at the latest, without doors and bronestekol. With all of this in the aft mounted folding ramp with additional door, through which the probability of landing troops. The armor protection is Level 3 according to NATO standards. In addition, the likely extra protection to ensure the 4th and 5th levels of protection according to NATO standards. Experienced standard equip German Deutz engine, gearbox and American Allison. An armored personnel carrier mounted combat module "Sail".

Coupled with the fact, because of the uncertain position of Ukrainian Ministry of Defense regarding BTR-4 is also trivial shortcomings machines, "Malyshev Plant" and the Kharkiv Machine Building Design Bureau named after Morozov launched a 2-projects for the production of new wheeled armored personnel carriers — BTR-5 and BTR-9. According to the official disk imaging, these machines will remember modern western armored personnel carriers and will have a stronger anti-mine protection. In addition, a few years earlier on another Ukrainian company, Nicholas repair-mechanical plant was designed and produced by an experienced model BTR-7, which then was successful tests in the UAE.

So Makar, fully understood that Ukrainian the military-industrial complex has potential. It is up to the competent management and adequate funding will depend on whether the product will be able to Ukrainian defense industry to compete on the world arms market.

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