Iraq plotted to abandon the Ukrainian armored personnel carriers

Iraqi Ministry of Defense to think about the termination of the agreement with Ukraine for the supply of armored personnel carriers BTR-4. This was a Thursday, January 31, bmpd blog reports, citing sources close to the Ministry of Defence.

According to the blog, the Iraqis are unhappy with the technical and operational characteristics, and the build quality Ukrainian armored vehicles. In addition, Ukraine is not a time delay the delivery of equipment to the customer. On the other hand, as noted, Iraq may abandon BTR-4 and for political reasons.

Contracts for the supply of Ukrainian art Iraq signed in September 2009. Over 457.5 million dollars Iraq agreed to buy 420 armored personnel carriers. Another 95 million dollars received for 6 Kiev military transport aircraft An-32B. According to bmpd, treaties were imposed on Iraq by the United States, those who wished to thank Ukraine for its support of military operations in the Persian Gulf.

Under the terms of the agreement, all 420 BTR-4 Iraq owed get by March 2012. Yet, because of the difficulties in the Malyshev Plant, where armored vehicles are collected, the customer received only 88 armored cars. For delays in delivery Iraq Ukraine has decided to impose a fine. Then it turned out that the purchase of machinery also poorly operated fire control system and a new automatic gun ZTM-1 30-mm.

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