Iraq refuses to supply weapons from Russia under U.S. pressure

Statement by the authorities Iraq cancellation of the agreement for the supply of Russian weapons by 4.2 billion dollars exactly is the result of U.S. pressure on the Iraqi government today, told RIA Announcements senior military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation.

"For the statements Iraq the refusal of the contracts for the supply of weapons are the U.S. authorities, who are trying to nedopustit of the Russian-Iraqi agreements, "- he said.

Iraqi Prime Minister Ali Musavic visited Moscow in October, during the visit made a package agreement on military-technical cooperation for 4.2 billion dollars. Later, it was reported that members of the Iraqi parliament want to initiate a review of large military contracts for the purchase of tools, including with Russia.

On Saturday, media quoted Musavica said that the authorities Iraq canceled contract with Russia to buy weapons at the cost of 4.2 billion dollars because of the risk of corruption.

According to the bureaucrat, the authorities dealt with the situation.

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