Iraqi tanks M1A1-SA

Two years back Iraq were ordered 140 main battle tanks M1A1 Abrams-SA, as more 100 support vehicles (for maintenance and transportation, such as 35 tank transporters).

The request contains a training and tech support, the total contract price is more than $ 2 billion tanks began to arrive this year, and the first delivery will be completed next year.

Iraq is again made tanks in the main appointed in accordance with the standard SA (situational awareness). This standard has developed a South American army four years back. Option M1A1-SA contains the most advanced thermal sight (FLIR), a special air filtration system for the engine. Filtration system designed to solve problems associated with the plurality of sand and dust Iraq. In addition, the back of the tank added to the phone jack, which allows accompanying infantry to talk with the crew, there are also numerous small improvements.

There are a few Fri, used in the version for the U.S. Army, but in Iraqi tanks SA will not be. Among them — no armor with depleted uranium, there is no dynamic protection and some other solutions designed to protect against anti-tank missiles. Also there is no tracking system Blue Force (satellite system for tracking friendly forces, adopted in the U.S., which indicates the location of all American cars and planes in the area.)

Despite the exclusion of certain abilities, the Iraqis are glad that they have their own M-1. Over the past seven years, the Iraqis were very impressed by South American military. Although the United States initially advised the Iraqis to expand their implementation of Russian equipment (which they have used for more than 3 decades, and which is significantly cheaper than its Western counterparts), the Iraqis insisted on adoption of a South American equipment and strategy. Because Iraqi forces are of similar shape, and use a lot of South American instruments and equipment. Iraqi soldiers, especially the young, imitating South American, so if you look from the top, and you can not tell one from another.

Egypt, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia already operate more 1,600 M1 tanks, and Egypt to the zhesobral hundreds of tanks (in the main with the introduction of a component is imported from the U.S., but with a certain part of the local production). According to the latest least some of the Arab users are armed with the latest model (M1A2 SEP).

Arab nick M-1 are satisfied with their South American tanks. It's risen gratification when they saw how M-1 used in Iraq. Although most of the Arabs deplored U.S. operations in the country, the Arab officers tankers, as crew members of M-1 were quietly pleased to find out that their tanks are invulnerable and able to assist the infantry in at least some operations.

Sale of M-1 in Iraq makes the possibility (albeit theoretical) implementation of M-1 tanks against other M-1. Saudi Arabia is considered to be a favorite of Sunni Arabs, and has long supported the Sunni Arab minority in Iraq. For some time after 2003 there was a severe struggle between Sunni Arabs and Shiites in Iraq, it was the intervention of Saudi Arabia or the danger such intervention in order to halt attacks on Iraqi Sunni Arabs. This idea was quickly rejected by the U.S. Army in Iraq due to the growth of terrorism by al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia. But as the South American troops leave, and if the old feud between Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq will break out again, incidents may occur, at least at the border, and there is a possibility of a collision between the M-1 tanks, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

More realistichno minded Iraqis want to use the M-1 tanks to contain turkok. The least possible, but it may be that the aggressor will be Iran. Although Iraq and Iran are majority Shiite Iran controls the religious dictatorship, and some of the Iranian clerics consider part of southern Iraq (where Shia holy places), as part of Iran. 140 Iraqi tanks, M-1 must be able to deal with a collection of old times tanks Iran (which not be able to upgrade their huge number, as it imposed an embargo on arms shipments). In the foreseeable future, but most of the Iraqi tanks will be a modernized version of the Russian T-72.

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