Iraqis are moving to Russia for the instrument

Primeminister Nouri al-Maliki arrived in Moscow with a three-day visit at the personal invitation of Vladimir Putin. On the purposes of his trip told in an interview with "Voice of the Russian Federation," a member of the Iraqi parliament Ibrahim Al-Rikabi.

"It's really a principled visit. It will cover not only bilateral relations, and regional problems, first the Syrian crisis, "- said in an interview with" Voice of the Russian Federation, "a member of the Iraqi parliament Ibrahim Ap-Rikabi.

"Iraq, as well as our homeland, in favor of a peaceful solution to the conflict in Syria, and here, I am sure we will find common ground, — he said. — Generally open a discussion with Russian partners and bilateral affairs and regional issues are always very curious and fine, Because our home is able to look at the situation from the perspective of all its members and its own position is never one-sided. Besides, if you really read about the Middle East, the interests of the Russian Federation and the Arab countries, especially Iraq, are often the same. "

"Apart from the Syrian perspective in the visit will be touched upon the recovery of the Russian-Iraqi economic relations," — continued Ibrahim Al-Rikabi. — Will talking about the energy sector and military-technical cooperation. We have no doubt that the Russian military technology and experience staff of the Russian army will be able to strengthen our armed forces to bring them to a qualitatively new level, which is especially important now, when the region was restless. In particular, we are interested in the different means of defense weapons. "

According to some reports, the amount of possible agreements in the sphere of military-technical cooperation between Russia and Iraq could reach five billion dollars.

Iraqi Prime Minister during his visit and accompany. about. Defense Minister Saadoun al-Duleymi, Minister Rafia money Issawi, Oil Minister Abdul-Karim al-IB, Electricity Minister Abdul Karim and AFTA minister Industry Ahmed Dali Al-Karbuli. The composition of the Iraqi delegation also included a number of senior officials of the government and members of the Iraqi parliament.

It is expected that on Wednesday, October 10, the Prime Minister of Iraq to accept the president of the Russian Federation.

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