Israel considers a comparison of nuclear programs of Iran and North Korea unacceptable

Israel considers the comparison of nuclear programs of Iran and North Korea inappropriateAccording to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Israel Danny Ayalon, a comparison of the nuclear programs of North Korea and Iran, which makes the United States of America, is fully unacceptable. Ayalon motivated by the fact that Pyongyang has made nuclear tool, and allow Iran to do the same under any circumstances, be.

Due to the fact that the U.S. and North Korea in February of this year were able to agree on North Korea's nuclear programs when necessary, Ayalon said congratulating South American diplomacy with these fundamental event, do not forget the fact that North Korea has already created the atomic bomb, because " it is not very much and it's too late. "

According to the views of local observers, a similar statement due to the fact that the Sun on a visit to the United States will arrive Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as with those disagreements on policies in place regarding Iran, that exist between the parties.

The Israeli side believes that it is necessary to make a preemptive strike against Iran's nuclear facilities. According to intelligence estimates Israel, Iran is close to developing a nuclear weapon, that is a danger to Israel's security.

Tel Aviv aims to achieve from the United States guarantees that in case of damage to them hitting the area Iran, U.S. will support them completely.
South American authorities believe that there is still no precise evidence that Tehran has decided to build nuclear tool. In addition, attacks against the country of Iran can cause severe retaliatory actions on the part of Tehran.

According to South American estimates, Iran in response to an attack on its terrain can make a rocket attack Israel and conduct terrorist attacks against U.S. military and civilian officials, who are in third countries, for example, in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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