Israel evacuates embassy in Jordan. On the construction of the Sunni bloc

Israel evacuates embassy in Jordan.  On the construction of the Sunni bloc Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Lieberman announced the evacuation of the Israeli Embassy in Jordan. As told newspaper "Haaretz", the Israeli government is afraid of the capital Jordan anti-Israeli protests similar massacre of the Israeli Embassy in Cairo, the Egyptian capital.

Jerusalem initially planned to send their own people from Amman home only on the weekend days of leaving the Embassy of the 1st and the protection of the diplomatic representative. But, on September 14, after the occurrence of rumors about imminent on Friday and the weekend days of unrest, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to premature evacuation of diplomatic missions of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Call for mass anti-Israel disposition of shares at the Israeli embassy in the Jordanian capital, appeared in the social network Facebook. In Jerusalem believe Jordanian security forces dispersed the demonstrators, and "second Cairo" will not be, but to hedge against the adverse scenario are not forgotten.

The reason for the protest was the latest "drain» WikiLeaks. Web site published a "confidential conversation diplomatically," in which there is information that the U.S. plans as if arranged in a Jordan hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees. Recall that the Palestinian Arabs, and so are half (or even more than half) of 6 million population. Palestinians fled here during and after the Arab-Israeli wars of 1948 and 1967 from the Arab lands that Israel occupied and also lived in the area of Transjordan (Hashemite Kingdom) and before the partition of Mandatory Palestine.

It should be noted that at the present time a lot of attention causes the topic of Palestine municipal status. And, if Arabic world, and of a significant part of the global society, support this move sharply opposed by Jerusalem and Washington.

In such a situation, Jerusalem is not averse to derail even the discussion of the acute difficulties. Suffice it to recall the last exacerbation of August on the border with the Gaza Strip, which Israeli officials accused Palestinian radicals. Although, the Palestinian organization to design these events offered to its members to refrain from attacks against the Jewish state, that they are not used to frustrate consideration of the application of Palestine.

And yet, on the perfectly protected areas of Israel came a series of terrorist attacks, when inexplicably appeared in the rear of the deepest Jewish state terrorists have made several successful attacks. In Jerusalem attacks without providing any evidence of the world, here accused the Palestinian movement, and the Gaza Strip were inflicted air strikes. These actions by the Israeli administration has tried to use as proof that Palestine and its terrorist essence there is nothing to do in the middle of the generally recognized state of the planet. But these events were not sufficient to disrupt or defer further consideration of the UN General Assembly to the Palestinian question.

Now opponents of the creation of Palestine, headed by driving a wedge between the Arabs themselves. This is helped by the fact that the Palestinian "brothers" in the Arab world only in words belong to more friendly as much affected by the anger of the Jews. In fact, the Arabs, the Palestinians are treated like poor relatives, beggar, who also believe that they have all of the other Arab countries have something. In the worst option for the Palestinians to be just like violators of the world, their very presence on the territory of another Arab country is a strong destabilizing factor.

Thus, the same Jordan because Palestinians e almost plunged into bloody chaos, like Lebanon, where Palestinian radicals have played a particularly important role in the outbreak of war, civilian. At the end of 1960-1970's the Palestinian Arabs want to do in their host Arab countries "government within a state "that ultimately led to bloody wars civilian. Jordanian law enforcement forces could quite cope with the problem of the Palestinian gangs and drive them away from their own country until the middle of 1971. Actions of the "Black September" in 1970 in Jordan well remembered.

Information website WikiLeaks has led to what is now the capital of the Kingdom prepared for multi-million dollar protests, in which citizens will reclaim the immediate closure of the embassies of Israel and the United States. At first the Kingdom of the Islamist movement, inspired by events in Cairo, had planned to direct the wrath of the masses only against the Jewish state, but the emergence of WikiLeaks revelations led them to put their anger aside and States. Dislike for these "two castles", connects voedinyzhdy many Muslims, Arabs, including Palestinians and Jordanians.
Jordanian Islamists were planning to spend more on September 15 in Amman, "a demonstration of anger" with the requirement to expel the Israeli ambassador from the country. Organizers of the protest dubbed massacre of the Israeli embassy in the Egyptian capital 'victory over the Zionist enemy "and promised to support their actions. To call "to rub off the face of the earth socket Zionist spy" joined virtually all of the major opposition party in Jordan.

It is also noteworthy that the ruler of Jordan Abdullah II not only did not try to stop such actions, but even playing with the anti-Israeli statements. Almost lord must yield to the pressure to gain traction Islamists, fearing a repeat of the fate of Mubarak. So Makar, Israel soon lost virtually all the "friendly" contacts in the Islamic world — Turkey, Egypt, Jordan.

Other signals for Israel's "Titanic"

— From Turkey to Israel come only bad news. Thus, the Turkish craftsmen developed for F-16 fighters its authentication system "friend or foe". It is now possible to storm the Israeli aircraft of the same model.

— Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the Arabic television channel "Al Jazeera" the forces of the Turkish Navy will accompany humanitarian convoys intended for the Gaza Strip and Ankara will allow them to storm, as in 2010. Then Ankara threatened military force to prevent the beginning of a joint Israeli-Cypriot gas fields "Block 12", so that "one-sided prevent the plundering of the natural resources of Israel."

— Actions in Cairo — a pogrom of the Israeli embassy, the Turkish favorite is called "the awakening of true democracy," when thousands of people expressed their will that the dictatorial regime suppressed in decades.

According to the views of the President of the Institute for Near East Yevgeny Satanovsky "Israel has got a chicken and pluck it between the formation of the Persian superpower and the Sunni response, the formation of Sunni military-political bloc." In the Islamic world shifts are of global significance. And the revolution, unrest, war in Libya — is only visible actions, hidden configurations, much more. Almost in the Islamic world at the present time remains two center claiming supremacy — Iran, which thinks of Shiite caliphate. And getting a nuclear weapon, it will sharply strengthen its position in the region. Tehran relies on the Shiite community in a meaningful range of countries, from Bahrain to Lebanon (the same "Hezbollah" in Lebanon). At t
he same time, Iran has excellent communications, including the military, with a number of regime — in Syria, Mauritania, Algeria, Libya under Gaddafi, etc.

In contrast to the Sunni bloc created — "is the axis of the Wahhabi Saudi Arabia, Qatar." And Turkey will be his base, "the military and economic engine block." Relations with the United States and the Saudi Turkey's membership in the North Atlantic Alliance did not give them a bad cover-up protection. The same alliance pulled all the countries of the Cooperation Council of Arab Gulf countries and kingdoms — Jordan and Morocco. The unit can also be obtained in the near future its nuclear weapon — in Pakistan which associated with Saudi Arabia.

Turkey to improve their own style in the middle of the Arabs to make a "spitting" in the direction of the EU Member States, threatened Syria (Alawites hate Sunnis), is now "at war" with Israel. The "Arab street", despite davneshnie differences with the Ottoman Turks, just ecstatic.

The Turks with his own hand lead to the revival of the game "of the Ottoman Empire 2". "Punch" the plan Erdogan, President Abdullah Gul of Turkey and the Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu. They are based on the common people, the party of Justice and Development, and the secular generals turn "smooth out", changing the top of the army on their own people. As well as in Egypt, there is a rapid Islamization of the armed forces. Turks sincerely believe that today's Arab countries — it is their former rebellious provinces that during the First World War spilled over to the side of the British Empire and the Ottoman Empire knife inserted in the back. Turkish strategy is very alternately, for example, the scandal with the "Freedom Flotilla" apparently was provoked, Israel "catch." A provocation was prepared at a time when Turkey and Israel were "allies."

According to Satanovsky, the confrontation between Israel and Turkey simply can grow into a war if "Erdogan thinks it yourself useful." But most likely a big war, at least as long as it will not. Faster the "point of collision", which will cause an explosion chauvinistic emotions in the Islamic world. After that Egypt will break the case at all with Israel and go into a "subordinate position of the Turkish-Saudi unit."

The question is, how far will go Ankara? Either it is time to call 'Sublime Porte'!? Turkey at the present time in a very comfortable position — in the order of the economy, a powerful army of Turks do not expel NATO — they are required to counter the plans of constructing Shiite caliphate.

It is clear that in the case of devilish scenario, if "Israel will eraser to erase from the map — it will take more than one" nuclear arsenal he has. In particular, this should reflect the Egyptians — a blow to the Aswan dam will be a disaster for Egypt. According to the analyst, at the present time "maybe at least some developments, judging by the way Erdogan biting at the bit." The Turkish prime minister is bright, gifted — but then Adolf Hitler in Germany was one of the best for all its thousand-year history of the manager, charismatic favorite of the people, the masses loved him. German Fuhrer in 1938, flaunted on the cover of the magazine "Life" as a man of the year. "Approximately the same situation at the moment in Turkey."

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