Israel increases pressure on the South Caucasus

Israel intensifies pressure on the South CaucasusWhile global society somewhat weakened its attention towards Iran's nuclear program there after U.S. intelligence received from the data that Tehran has no nuclear bombs, and more recently its creation in sight, Israel continues to take its method. Recall that the Israeli authorities are planning to strike Iran's nuclear facilities before the advent of the so-called moment of X, and want to be kind to this operation have given the United States. Wishes Tel Aviv backed by the same fact that Barack Obama in order to in the second time to become the president, can be useful support of the Jewish lobby in the U.S. area that is becoming more natural in connection with the famous "mic scandal." In other words, Israel has completely can set the requirements in the following form to Obama: No support for an Israeli strike on Iran — no second term. Taking into account how much the Jewish lobby in the U.S., Obama will have to decide very not an ordinary puzzle. And while the current president of the United States to find ways to solve it, Israel continues to prepare for chance to hit on the Islamic Republic.

Preparation has resulted in a number of contacts with the authorities of some countries of the South Caucasus. With all of this in the second half of April are scheduled new consultations Israeli politicians with politicians in Georgia and Azerbaijan. Why suddenly Tel Aviv could be useful cooperation with Tbilisi and Baku? The fact is that for massive air strikes on Iran Israel needs a typical point of logistics. He can become the basis on which Israeli planes will land after the missile and bomb strikes on Iranian nuclear targets. Now Tel Aviv builds some plans for several Air Force facilities in Azerbaijan. First is the question of the large airport in the small village pump. Now the airfield belonging 408th Fighter Squadron of Azerbaijan (Russian heritage AD), bears the title Zeynalabdin. Specifically, it is completely Israeli pilots can use in order to make here refueling aircraft fuel tanks after Reset ammunition and vorachivatsya already specifically Israel without refueling.

The prospect of gaining control over completely by some Azerbaijani airfields can inspire Israeli control on the approximation of the term of its own strike on Iran. But while the official Baku did not give any comment on the possibility of using their own military bases Israeli aircraft. Moreover, not so long ago from a representative of the Azerbaijani Presidential Administration Ali Hasanov, heard the words that, Azerbaijan and Iran are closely affiliate business. This can only mean one thing: Baku is ready to provide its territory for the needs of Israel. Hasanov confirmed by other Azerbaijani politicians, stating that Azerbaijan will never give their own military bases to strike its neighbors, including Iran.

But, as you know, the voice of the never never. Apparently, guided by these words, Israel is conducting its multifaceted game. To placate President Aliyev in Azerbaijan will be delivered by the new weapons that Baku is going to be used to restore the "territorial integrity" — in the words, the Azerbaijani ambassador in Iran for the "liberation of the Armenian occupation of 20% of Azerbaijani territory." It turns out that Israel, if we follow the logic of the Azerbaijani politicians indirectly offer an exchange: we help you to resolve the territorial dispute with Yerevan, and you are helping us to achieve their own in Iran. If Baku really go to such an exchange, it can cause a real storm in the region. After almost two wars are deployed: one war between Israel and Iran, the other — between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Only politically myopic head of the country can go to such a step … On the other hand in front of Ilham Aliyev can open canvas hypothetical orange revolution already in its territory: they say, is not desired to help the "democratization" and even took other people's money without providing a "credible guarantees", so whether razlyubezen — get opposition riots. And here in Azerbaijan "democratizers" is to catch hold: even nedavneshnie incident in the town of Guba certain forces can again revive achieving these goals. In this regard we second president (after Barack Obama), which Israel obviously leads to think about …

Now it is necessary to turn to some situational inconsistencies, which appeared after According to the Azerbaijani Ambassador Javanshir Akhundov in Tehran on the likely application delivered to Baku Israeli guns to "liberate the territories occupied by Armenia." The situation with the possible exchange of concessions announced, but it looks quite controversial after the Tel Aviv said about his own readiness to recognize the Armenian genocide of 1915. Such a step is justified obvious desire to annoy Ankara, which in the near future the Israelis are very problematic case. But then, or Israel is playing a double game, or simply not true in Baku realized the promise of Tel Aviv about the supply of weapons to 1600000000. dollars …

In this regard, one can imagine that the upcoming trip, the Israeli control of the countries of the South Caucasus, scheduled for the second half of April, is aimed at including and explanation of Ilham Aliyev, for what purpose exactly does he released a number of new tools.

The likely visit of Israeli representative in Tbilisi may be based on the fact that Israel wants to reduce the influence of Turkey in the region and immediately gain a foothold in this strategic bridgehead for its use in pressure also on Iran. A fascinating situation would look if the United States all the same will not give approval for an air attack Iran, and Israel decides to produce it on its own with the introduction of Caucasian airfields. Of course, the Georgian president, which eager to NATO, it will be difficult to explain to their South American patrons, why he went to the rapprochement with Israel if this convergence will take place suddenly. Even more difficult to have the sovereign Aliyev which through their own envoys urged Tehran to the inability to use their own military bases to attack Iran.
This situation indicates that Israel now has a very severe forces, including the location of other countries with which can dictate terms to Favorites certain countries. And that in fact is the U.S. will have to pull tighter leash Tel Aviv, to show who is in this "democratic" home owner. Although there is still a big question who is who on a leash …

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