Israel «Tavor» plus license is Ukrainian Fort

23.12.2009, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine agrees with the Ministry of Interior and the order number 1577 takes advantage of new standards guns. The short hood orders — "Accept the proposal MIA, consistent with the Security Council, ASB, Border Service and the Foreign Intelligence Service to adopt their new weapons on the advice of the Interagency Commission, specifically Fort — 221/222/223/224/301/401 and their future modifications" .

Israel «Tavor» plus license is Ukrainian "Fort"

A little earlier, in October 2008 the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine said that Ukrainian "Fort" and the Israeli «IMI» will create a joint venture for the production of «TAR-21" of the various modifications

Israel «Tavor» plus license is Ukrainian "Fort"

for use in the Ukrainian paramilitary units. Now «TAR-21" and its modifications releases Ukrainian "Fort" under his title of "Fort — 221." Some accessories are supplied Israeli «IMI». As you know, tool, produced Vinnitsa "Fort", without actually procured Ukrainian military units.

Associate «TAR-21" and "Fort — 221" makes no sense, because they are one and the same automatic tool, about some specific configurations in the design of the device and the machine is not clear. Despite the many advantages and knowing about the basic flaws «TAR-21", the value of guns in Israel equals one tysche bucks, there is the need for such an expensive production tools in Ukraine. Even manufactured under license, it has actually cost the world, though, and going to the Ukraine. Not counting machines "Fort-221" Israel's development, adopted at the armament machine guns "Fort-401" sniper rifle "Fort-301" and the sub-machine guns "Fort-224." It remains perplexed about the development of weapons on zabugornom licenses and not of Russian design, that are not inferior to the many features and cheaper to produce.

The main properties of the Ukrainian Fort-221 (TAR-21):
— caliber ammunition 5.56h45 mm;
— regardless of the length of the run, a standard 64.5 cm;
— height: 30 cm;
— width of 9.2 cm;
— regardless of the length of the barrel performance, standard 37.5 cm;
— weight 3.9 kg;
— Shop 30 ammunition;
— initial velocity 890 m / s.

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