Israel threatens public tragedy (Maariv, Israel)

Israel threatens national catastrophe ("Maariv", Israel)

Terror, the blame for which bears government — Now this formula is perfectly known. Billion that Saudi Arabia transferred to the account of jihadists for decades, has led to an enormous network of Islamic madrassas in the world, especially in Pakistan.

This was unheard of at the scale of its export industry. For export was in the main, the only product — the Wahhabi doctrine, it is an extremist branch of Islam, which is practically the official ideology of Saudi Arabia. Neither the 1st dollar was spent on the gun. This was not necessary. The result is known. The whole world is suffering now because of the small Muslim minority, armed with a fierce and bloody ideology and zeal to fulfill the global jihad.

This minority, as if metastases gave a cancer is everywhere. From Nigeria and Somalia to Germany and England. Despite the fact that Saudi Arabia itself has become one of the objects of hatred by the Wahhabis, the funds continue to come regularly to the accounts of jihadist madrassas. Saudi money is used to create "centers of study of Islam" in the popular institutes in the world.

The Israeli government did not translate 10s billion on account of the respective organizations with a view to the creation of a constructive group "Youth of the hills" ("Noar gvaot"), which in our eyes is reborn as a Jewish jihad. In Jewish Wahhabis. A small but full of motivation, firmly standing on its own, a minority that has not yet committed bloody atrocities. Bye. Whoever translated means rabbis who call for violence (directly or in disguised form), is responsible for the actions of members of this group. Mention should be made of those who develop this phenomenon has permitted It was one of the chief rabbis of the religious-Zionist camp, creator of principle gallahicheskih regulations, Mordechai Eliahu. In 2002, during his own visit to the settlement outpost of Havat Gilad, Eliyahu said that there gallahicheskoe resolution confiscate Palestinian olive trees.

On Tuesday, one of the managers of the religious-Zionist camp, rabbi Elyakim Levanon (rabbis who signed a letter calling on the IDF soldiers not to obey the orders of the commanders during the implementation of programs from the disengagement in 2005), got off with a formal condemnation of acts of right-wing settlers who attacked a military base, broke a disastrous speech in their defense. He is aware of them. This, of course, is incorrect — to attack the Israeli army soldier, said Levanon, but these unfortunate children suffer from constant pripirany of the country, which wants to dismantle outposts.

This is a popular technique in the arsenal of anti-Zionists. They formally condemn Arab terror, and here begin to justify terrorism. Obviously, in all povinet Israel which torturing Palestinians. Condemnation of terrorism — a mere formality. The main thing — the justification of terror, Arab or Jewish. You can not, under any circumstances, collect and read "these settlers." Most of them wholeheartedly condemn the Jewish terror. But, as always, there is no need for a majority. Is enough to have a small, but determined to take a minority. Topics more, if he has the ideological support of notable clerics.

In the Muslim world, this phenomenon has already taken an incurable form. We have this phenomenon more locally, but more dangerous. The same circles that support and justify the Jewish terror, Social support and direct terror against women. This comes under the protection of the country. The government is led by these people for many years, turning a blind eye to the actions of the rabbis who receive government salaries. Rabbis whose eyes from year to year are becoming more constructive.

The government turns a blind eye to the fact that religious education is becoming every year more and more ultra-Orthodox. The government subsidized and continues to subsidize the yeshiva in which nurtured religious extremists. It is time to call a spade a spade — Jewish terrorists. We are talking about terrorism. Terror against the IDF. Terror against women. Official Israel sowed these seeds.

Whole Israel is reaping the bitter fruits.

The slogan of the country before the nightmare is simple: anything that does not interfere with the current government in the short term can be ignored, even if the more distant future we are facing a public tragedy. So in many ways: whether it is subsidizing the process of Talibanization of the religious population, or about the penetration of African migrants into the country.

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