Israel will improve the system of missile warning

Israel will improve the system of missile warningIsraeli Air Force began the modernization of the system of early warning of missile attack, reports Flightglobal. It is expected that as a result of improvement system be able to detect 99 percent of the country issued by Israeli missiles and artillery shells. With all of this will decrease the number of false positives, in which the system starts warning of an attack civilian population.

Air Force engaged in the development of improvements Israel along with several enterprises of the defense industry. New radar and detectors that will be part of the refreshed system of early warning radar will provide more dense coverage of the Israeli countryside. In addition, system will allow to strengthen surveillance of areas under fire.

Other details regarding the modernization of the system of early warning is not specified. Meanwhile, the Air Force Israel Rafael and the company first in January 2013 conducted tests of the upgraded missile complex "Iron dome»(Iron Dome), capable of destroying missiles and artillery shells fired by regions of the country, at longer range.

Improved complex "Iron Dome" stood on alert in November 2012. This complex was designated as Block 2. The interception of missiles by the system exceeds 90 percent. In November last year, during the armed conflict with Gaza by Israel was released terrain 421 rocket, 84 per cent of which were intercepted by the "Iron Dome."

At the current time in service with Israel are 5 batteries of the "Iron Dome", which includes the control center, radar and three launchers with 20 missiles each. Block 1 version of the complex can intercept enemy missiles at ranges of up to 70 km. Before the end of 2013, the Israeli Air Force wants to put on combat duty batteries nine missile complex.

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