Israeli commandos Egoz

Israeli commandos "Egoz"

Spetsnaz units at least some of the States are military units professor who perform special tasks for the military command to protect the country against external and internal danger. Typically, the composition consists of highly qualified special forces soldiers, not only have the basic military skills, and abilities, and possessing special knowledge, making them the best in the middle of the elite.

The history of the creation of the Israeli Special Forces and their specialization is inextricably linked to the events taking place not only in the country and in the region.

Special Forces General Staff of Israel ("Sayeret Matkal") is practiced by conducting reconnaissance missions and participation in promotions of force abroad.

Special Forces' Duvdevan "was created for the destruction of terrorists using the method of transformation to the Arabs. Main place of operations — Palestinian Territory.

"Yahalom" is a unit engaged in demining and undermining also performing engineering tasks in the enemy rear.

"Sayeret Golani" — Special Forces infantry units. Apart from the role in reconnaissance and sabotage operations, the unit involved in counterterrorism operations.

Israeli commandos "Egoz"

Apart from the above, in the Israeli armed forces include special forces in dog breeding, power control and communication, anti-tank defense, border protection, computer analysis, field survey, etc.

Of particular interest is particularly subdivision "Saeret Egoz", which initially intended to fight the guerrillas. Despite the fact that this subdivision during his own deeds could reach a huge number of convincing victories, it's not once disbanded and made anew.

First set in subdivision "Saeret Egoz" took place in 1956, and most of the men were friends. Druze — this ethno-religious bloc (Arabic language), who lives in the main in Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and Syria. Despite the fact that the laws of Israel's Druze, like the Arabs are exempt from conscription, Druze not only serve in the army, and is the prototype of valor and professionalism.

The purpose of the fighters' Saeret Egoz "was conducting operations in the area of Syria, namely against Syrian senior military officials. But subsequently subdivision was directed to patrol the border with Lebanon, and then disbanded.

Israeli commandos "Egoz"

In 1963, due to the need to enhance counterterrorism fight in northern Israel special subdivision "Saeret Egoz" was re-created. The core of his brigade officers were "Golani". The group was armed and equipped with modern instrument ton. The soldiers carried out sabotage and intelligence operations in the Lebanese countryside. During the Six-Day War, the role of Special Forces soldiers did assault squad. Detachment operated right up to 1974: operations on the territories of Syria and Lebanon. One of their operations — the elimination of a terrorist base near the city of the Nabateans.

In the 1973 judgment day or the other day (a military conflict between several Arab countries and Israel) Special Forces, as the assault squad, made a series of successful military operations on the territory of Syria. A few months after the war subdivision "Saeret Egoz" was once again disbanded.

Then, the Israeli authorities have repeatedly regretted that there is no such unique and effective military unit, as "Saeret Egoz."

Iran has promoted religious extremists in Lebanon to organize society "Hizbala", which began subversive activities against the army of Israel. With each day or part of the loss of Israeli actions "Hizb'Allah" increased. Attacks on the strong points in the security zone, shelling areas of Israel. Countering the attack, with the participation of existing units of the Israeli army did not achieve the desired result.

These actions have intensified recovery (already in the third time) division "Egoz" in 1994.

By selecting fighters approached thoroughly. As the cadets to form an elite Special Forces soldiers were targeted from existing military detachments and recruits that were selected to serve in the special forces. The course was intense and hard: a tremendous exercise, many kilometers of forced marches, overcoming difficult obstacles, passing a course on counter-terrorism, training, fighting, spetsvozhdenie ton, mountain and parachute-landing training, development of counterinsurgency struggle, and methods of concealment survival highlands. Additionally students learned mine and demolition business, also snaypengu.

Israeli commandos "Egoz"

First operation again made units are dated 1995. For year Action on account of special forces units "Egoz" was a huge amount of destroyed militants.

Subdivision used a great strategy antizasad when special forces organized ambushes in places that may be the target of militant attacks. When trying to lay mines militants destroyed Special Forces soldiers who were in ambush.

In this war, special forces also carried a huge loss. In 1997, one hundred percent of a group of special forces killed SH-13.

Specialists in military affairs believe that "Saeret Egoz" waged war better than anyone not only because his men were better prepared, and were well prepared psychologically: at each step of their going with the idea to kill as many opponents, not as a return without loss.

In 2000, when the troops were withdrawn from the territory of Lebanon, the discussion went back to disband "Saeret Egoz."

But the outbreak of the armed conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs, so called Intifada. Subdivision "Saeret Egoz" involved in ambushes nearby Palestinian villages pt. Soldiers of special forces had to be retrained with new ways to fight: the emphasis was on the ability to conduct counterterrorism operations. "Saeret Egoz" knew how to act and as part of the infantry units of the Israeli army and produce targeted operations. A major role in the success of military operations elite Israeli special forces in the experience and professionalism of its officers.

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