Israeli designers are working to create a unique self-defense system of helicopters

Israeli designers are working to create a "unique" self-defense system of helicoptersIsrael. September 15, 2011, the company ELTA Systems, a member of the subdivision Israel Aerospace Industries, has announced the start of work to build a radar capable of detecting fire the enemy. Technical details of the new system are still unidentified. IAI also refuses to report on the date on which system will be created.

Brand new system will be installed on helicopters and airplanes, and will be able to determine the precise distance and direction to a point on the ground, which is fire. So necessary for aviation unit was named — OTHELLO. As indicated in the report, first the system will be used for self-defense aircraft and helicopters hovering at low altitude and low speed.

According IAI, mentioned system able with the highest possible accuracy the starting point of rocket-propelled grenades, anti-tank missiles and artillery fire. Based on the name of the device — optical locator enemy fire (optical hostile fire locator) — it will be used optical detectors. The basic mechanism of the system now is not specified. It is clear only that after the discovery of fire, the information about the place, where is the shooting, will be immediately sent to various weapon systems installed on themselves Airborne.

Related system self, created to aircraft, developed at the present time, not only in Israel, and the United States. The first field tests of such a device, a user name Guardian, were conducted first spring 2011. The complex Guardian includes laser tracking system and guidance and ultraviolet receiver warning of missile launches. Guardian designed to detect anti-aircraft missiles, as well as missiles "air-to-air" equipped with infrared homing.

But as if this is unique system? A year earlier on the international show of weapons Eurosatory-2010 in Paris Design Bureau "Zenith" from Zelenograd near Moscow showed the system of active protection of helicopters from the modern surface-to-air defense systems (MANPADS), including the "Stingers" under the title of "President-C . " More carefully about the system can be read here: "Stinger" leaving the mind

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