Israeli forces on the Lebanese border are overstated in readiness

Israeli forces on the Lebanese border are in high alert

Israel placed on the Lebanese border troops resulted in inflated readiness, reports The Daily Star. Inconstancy in adjoining Syria has become a prerequisite for the step command.

"The current military passivity 'Hezbollah' does not mean that the situation will not change in the future. Willingness on our part to be such, as if the war would begin the following week," — said Matan Vilnai, Minister for the protection of the home front, during a trip to inspect north Israel.

Concerns about management Israel relative to the northern border increased after nedavneshnego televised Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah — a favorite of "Hezbollah" which said the group, which he commands, not only an observer, if someone would be taken hostile acts against Iran and Syria. He warned that military action will begin "throughout the region."

Nasrallah also said that "Hezbollah" is prepared, trained and armed to the latest anti-Israel better than before.

Vilnai partially recognized him right, saying that "Hezbollah"Become unsafe organization that can not be ignored because of its missile arsenal is constantly growing.

Because Israeli rule decided to hold exercises in northern Israel to evacuate people in shelters, and implementation of activities related to the reflection of the massive missile attacks — as with the introduction of pieces of mass destruction and of conventional.

In recent months, both in the regional and world press are increasingly began to report on the likely impact Israel Iran's nuclear facilities. In addition, France had made a proposal to make to the Syrian countryside "security zone" in which the government forces would not admitted access. "Hezbollah"Believes these steps are absolutely unacceptable.

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