Israeli invulnerable 60-ton bulldozer robot increases its strength

The Israeli military announced plans to double the number of robotic bulldozers, after unmanned "Dark Thunder" (Black Thunder) took a well-deserved fame during the incursion into the Gaza Strip.

Israeli invulnerable 60-tonne robot bulldozer doubles his strength

According to the newspaper Jerusalem Post, "Dark Thunder", unmanned version available military bulldozers D9, was secretly developed engineering forces of the IDF. And only recently, this information has been declassified.

"Unmanned D9 stunningly established himself during "Operation Cast Lead" in the Gaza Strip in 2008, clearing roads of mines and explosive devices "- said an unnamed IDF officer told the newspaper." Unmanned version is very useful because it can save lives, acting in mined area. "

Israeli invulnerable 60-tonne robot bulldozer doubles his strength

Armored D9 in Lebanon in the year 2006

Trivial bulldozer From Caterpillar D9 is clearly enormous. It weighs almost 50 tonnes (according to some reports IDF armored D9 weighs more than 60-tonnes), driven by a diesel engine of 450 horsepower, and usually equip ahead of ordinary semi-universal bulldozer blade and aft Single-Shank Ripper. Unmanned version Black Thunder armed with cameras and remote actuators, able to operate unmanned or with a driver.

Israeli invulnerable 60-tonne robot bulldozer doubles his strength

This powerful machine in the service of the IDF has already lured a lot of criticism from groups of human rights because of its use for the demolition of homes in Gaza and elsewhere. But the IDF believes this Bulldozer very efficient, they like Black Thunder, that, according to Jerusalem Post, Major General Avi Mizrahi (Commander of the Land Forces) considered the development of an additional battalion bots bulldozers.

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