Israeli KAZ Windbreaker passed tests in combat

Israeli KAZ Windbreaker has been tested in battle

As it became clear from the reports of the Israeli media, on Tuesday, during the battle on the border with the Gaza Strip, Israeli forces experienced in an active defense system against anti-tank missiles Windbreaker.

According to sources, in Kiba Oz Palestinians, using RPG, stormed Israeli tank. Directed against a tank missile was successfully knocked down. Windbreaker system in the Israeli army is to equip a battalion.

System Windbreaker developed by the Israeli company Rafael five years ago, the price of the 1st set of the system is 200 thousand dollars. The Israeli army IDF was the second army in the world, which is in service system active protection.

Despite this it is clear that the Israeli tank builders were not the first to develop and implement active protection systems tanks. The pioneers were the designers of the USSR, which had in 1977-1978 developed a system of active tank defense of "Blackbird". And the principle of active protection was developed first 60s in the CDB-14 (Tula).

In the years 1982-1983 set of "Blackbird" was held troop tests. And in 1983, was adopted and installed on the T-55A, got the T-55AD.

Israeli KAZ Windbreaker has been tested in battle
Israeli KAZ Windbreaker has been tested in battle


"Blackbird" was issued more than 6 years old, has been discontinued due to the inclusion in the list of liquidating the arms of the T-55 in accordance with the agreement on the reduction of conventional weapons in Europe.

Also in the Soviet Union in the 1980s was developed another system — "Arena". System "Arena" was created to protect against anti-tank shaped charge projectiles. Feature of the complex was that he actually did not impose any restrictions on the formation of the settlement tanks under the terms of the electric comparability.

"Arena" does not respond to targets that do not pose a particular hazard tank, located at a distance of 50 m on small targets (small-caliber shells, shrapnel, bullets). Equipping complex "Arena" of the T-80 allowed during offensive operations to raise the survival rate is almost twice the machine. The first time the public tank T-80 KAZT "Arena" was shown in 1997 in Omsk.

Israeli KAZ Windbreaker has been tested in battle

T-80 with KAZ "Arena" on the tower.

Note that in the design and development of CAP "Barrier", which is designed to protect against anti-tank guided missiles and anti-tank grenade launchers, were taken into account all the shortcomings of previous 2-systems.

Israeli KAZ Windbreaker has been tested in battle

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