Israeli pilots have told about the inconveniences konvertoplanov Osprey

Israeli pilots have told about the "inconveniences" konvertoplanov Osprey

Israeli Air Force began flight tests of the U.S. konvertoplanov V-22 Osprey. As reported by IAF Magazine, the official publication of the Israeli Air Force, the two pilots — Lieutenant Colonel Nimrod and Avi — in December 2012 came to the U.S. to conduct assessment missions Osprey. According to them, the South American tiltrotor can greatly simplify the implementation of a number of operations, but have several critical for novice pilots "inconvenience".

According to Avi, pilot transport helicopter CH-53D Sea Stallion, flying a tiltrotor is able to rapidly and dramatically pick up speed, which complicates management. "Pilot uses the control knob and system similar device traction control. In one mode (mode helicopter — note 'Heathcliff'), the handle is in charge of height, and 'pull' — for speed. In the other mode (airplane mode — ','), they change roles. In the same transition mode, feeling as if you're losing control, "- said Avi.

In the South American consortium Bell-Boeing, producing Osprey, explained that the management konvertoplanov in the transit mode, you get used to, he is not safe and all the necessary ability to rapidly acquired as experience is gained. Otherwise, the Israeli pilots, inspectors Osprey, announced sturdy flying qualities of American konvertoplanov to significantly expand the range of tasks carried out by the Israeli Air Force.

As noted by Avi, aircraft, fixed wing sometimes faced with a stall, especially if the aircraft managed to retrain pilots of helicopters. "On the V-22 is very necessary to try to bring the effect of stalling, "- said Avi. According to Nimrod pilot helicopters S-70A and UH-60 Black Hawk in the Israeli Air Force 124 Squadron, Osprey will allow the military to make flights to points that were previously inaccessible .

Israeli pilots carried out tests in Osprey U.S. Marine air base in the Carolinas, and their task is to assess the need to purchase konvertoplanov Israeli troops. Before you begin testing vsepolnotsennym Osprey pilots for 2-weeks training program from gone and spent 80 hours in the simulator tiltrotor. Then for 2-weeks, they actually do once daily training flights for themselves V-22.

As of the 1st of the use cases Osprey, are considered medical evacuation operations. According Nimrod, in this case Osprey in airplane mode allows substantially faster access to a suitable point where the landing impossible and there take helicopter mode. With all of this range V-22 more than ordinary helicopter. According to the report already formed the Israeli Air Force, a role in the preparation of which took pilots, Osprey recommended for purchase.

Israel is enthusiastic to buy Osprey since 2008. According to the report, the Israeli Air Force, the currently considering the possibility of purchasing more Osprey for special operations. In addition, the Army of Israel want to lease six to eight U.S. konvertoplanov.

If Israel will sign a contract for the supply of V-22, it will be the first state in which konvertpolany will be exported. At the current time, Bell-Boeing produces Osprey only for the Air Force and the U.S. Marine Corps. In total, the South American military have been put konvertoplanov 159 of 188 ordered.

Osprey is capable of making flights in airplane and helicopter modes. In airplane mode, the tiltrotor is capable of speeds up to 565 km per hour, and a combat radius of 722 kilometers of the machine. V-22 designed to carry 32 troops or cargo weighing up to 9 tons. Osprey can be armed with machine guns, 7.62 and 12.7 mm, and 7.62-mm six-barrel machine gun in mounted container.

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