Israeli president offered the Iranians to change a corrupt government

Israeli president offered the Iranians to change a corrupt governmentAs reported by "Rosbalt", on Mon Shimon Peres congratulated the residents of Iran congratulate Nowruz (vernal equinox), is celebrated as the beginning of the year among the Turkic and Iranian peoples. It is reported by the press service of the President of Israel.

Appeal Peres translated into Farsi aired on Iran municipal radio station Israel "Kol Yisrael". Shimon Perez Iranians wished a happy Nowruz and genuine prazdnichka, noting that the citizens of Iran will be able to feel the taste of freedom and human advantages.

By submitting greeting, Perez at the same time called on Iranians "until it is too late to change the corrupt regime and return to the majestic Persian heritage." On it informs RIA "Novosti".

According to a statement Peres, Iranian regime is making all the money in nuclear project and that condemns people to poverty. Enriched uranium, according to the views Peres, not remove hunger in Iran.

Press-service of the country reports that the appeal Shimon Peres translated into British English will be available soon on the individual page of the President on YouTube.

Recall that in the world there is fear that because of the rumors about Iran developing nuclear weapons Israel is about to inflict on this country airstrike. Media reported that the attack Israel may be held in April. In general, Western countries are trying to persuade Israel to wage war with Iran.

The U.S. and other Western countries accuse Iran of developing nuclear weapons, cover applets peaceful atom. Tehran rejects these accusations turn, arguing that nuclear programm is focused on satisfaction of energy needs.

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