Israeli security forces stormed Iran

Israeli security forces are attacking IranThe summer time holidays, it seems, a relaxing way acts not only on ordinary people, and politicians. Political offseason one way or another to the Iranian difficulty that even this first year has been a bit has not caused global bloody confrontation. At first, the battle for the continuation of the democratization of the East were torn United States, and later in the wake of the totality of anti-Iranian positions in the world involved in the case of Israel, and promised to single-handedly solve the problem with the Iranian atom using its air force and special units.

Now the situation might resemble a lull, the political calm, but all of a sudden apparent calm was broken by Israeli journalists published a very noteworthy material. The fact is that the Israelis Yossi Maiman and Dan Raviv decided to conduct a study of the Office of Intelligence and spetszadach Israel — "Mossad". This analysis resulted in the whole book, which Maiman and Raviv presented to the tribunal the general public. In the book, a lot of disk imaging on how to prepare these or other operations of the Israeli secret service, how the Israeli intelligence in those or other situations. But of particular interest is information about the murders of Iranian scientists in recent years. The creators of books lead a series of facts, which they call a confirmation that this particular agent "Mossad" just dealt with the Iranians who took part in the development of Iran's nuclear applets.

It is worth mentioning that only in the last 1.5 years in the terrain Iran killed outright several professionals, one way or another connected with the Islamic Republic's nuclear applets. In November and December 2011, when the situation around Iran remained very difficult, and the world was preparing for a major war, was made a series of terrorist attacks, as a result of which

40 km from Tehran in a closed military facilities, General Hassan died Moggadam, two 10-ka officers of the IRGC (Revolutionary Guards);

in the town of Yazd was caused great harm to the local factory, where, according to Israeli intelligence could be manufactured centrifuges for uranium enrichment;

blown up uranium enrichment plant in the town of Isfahan.

Also in 2011, Iranian scientists have documented cyber attacks on computers that controlled the process of enriching uranium at several sites of the Islamic Republic.

A few months earlier, was killed Dariusz RezaiIranian doctor of nuclear physics, which also was involved in research in the field of microelectronics.

Already this year, was killed in Tehran Mustafa Roshan, which was a doctor of the Institute of Iranian capital that controls the famous enterprise in Natanz, which is used to enrich uranium.

According to Tehran, the death of General Mogaddama nothing to do with the deaths Rezai and Roshan. Bane soldiers — is a tragic accident that occurred as a result of the detonation of munitions. But that's what he was doing at the time of discharge of the most ammunition General Moghaddam, remains, to put it mildly, not very clear … But Rezai and Roshan, according to the Iranian justice to have been killed by citizens of Iran, which is the local dissidents. In addition, these same "dissidents" Tipo and undermine Iranian factories.

Several different world from the above-mentioned Israeli journalists. They conducted their own investigation and concluded that the handwriting is outlined in all cases very similar to writing "Mossad". In his book Raviv and Maiman draw analogies with how to act "Mossad" in over their history and, indeed, some parallels are viewed quite clearly. Specifically, data are given that one of the favorite methods of "Mossad" is the introduction of a network of so-called "foreign freelancers," in other words, people who can offer their services for a fee, and in full accordance with the privacy solutions for the purposes of the foreign country . If so, what specific "shtatnika" "Mossad" seep in Iran and was not necessary. In 1-x, modern technologies allow the Web to conduct and coordinate with the area of Israel, and in-2, if someone is caught, then prove that it works for Israeli intelligence will be virtually impossible. With all of this book creators of the "Mossad" explicitly give to understand that the agents can cope with the puzzles set before them, and without the use of "freelancers", which can not be ruled out. But in this situation, the distinction between full-time and freelance staff "Mossad" so unsteady that lead the division is very, very difficult.

To book Israeli journalists could be treated with some modicum of confidence to say: these Israelis simply want to show the efficiency and intelligence of their own invulnerability. But all the materials that Maiman and Raviv released, very much similar to the truth, at least as specifically these journalists in Israel believe the greatest specials on intelligence operations intelligence. And, in addition, the creators do not even try to hide that they have their own reliable sources in the "Mossad", who do not mind a little hard to lift the curtain that separates the public from the activities of the agency in the event of success of the latter.

A unless book, quite carefully to what the facts are set out subversive activities "Mossad" on the ground in Iran during the last 2-3 years has a documented reason, then, is that modern Iran needs to fear no more statements about the inevitability of air strikes by NATO states, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel, and the Israeli intelligence activities in the area Iran. For the "Mossad" can fully use the capacity of representatives of the Iranian opposition, and who fulfilled the Tel Aviv puzzles.

As Iran is ready to confront the activities of the Israeli secret service, is difficult to say, but it can be argued that Tehran continues to address the hazard of external intervention. Such a fact is indirectly confirmed by the fact that Iran has decided to achieve the power of the latest Russian S-300 systems, the supply of which never took place, as Moscow has decided not to run across the street to those who imposed an embargo on the import of weapons to the Islamic Republic. Now the authorities Iran want to sue the company "Rosoboronexport" about 4 billion dollars for the failure of the supply of arms from Russia or yet to achieve early entry systems S-300. With all this the Iranians themselves indirectly hinted of, it can be a way out for her, because the C-300 is a systematization of defensive weapons, and on such a "product" sanctions do not apply. It turns out that the judgment can not simply open the road "trehsotke" in Iran, and one hundred percent of the supplies justify bukovkoy international law.

In general, we can say that Iran is obliged to keep a complex war on two fronts. First front: the sample to resist possible aggression as a possible air strikes of NATO and Israel, and the second front — the battle against the Israeli secret services. Will there be enough of the moral and material forces for such a dual confrontation with Iran — The big question …

Applied Materials:
«Spies Against Armageddon: Inside Israel's Secret Wars», Dan Raviv, Yosi Melman

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