Israeli single gun Negev

In 1990, the Israel Defense Forces, which has always paid great attention to the use of machine guns in the oppression of the enemy, took to arms machine gun "Negev» (Negev, was first presented in 1988), which has some elements of "universality". The creation of a machine gun, of course, was the IMI (TAAS — «Israel Ltd. Indatriz.").

Israeli single gun "Negev"

As used standard NATO ammunition cartridge 5,56 x45. It may also be the introduction of M193 ammo type after installing the barrel, which has its proper clipping.

In automation machine gun was implemented the principle of diverting a portion of the propellant gases. For this purpose the transverse hole made in the wall of the bore. Turn the shutter lock barrel. Shot made on the rear sear, but drummer triggering occurs only when the locked gate. The gas control can be in 3 positions. First, with the overlapped gas chamber, is used for shooting a rifle grenade (according to the Israeli army ammunition attached great importance), the second — for shooting at a speed of 700-850 rounds per minute, the third — 850-1000 rounds per minute, and in dusty conditions the exhaust system.

Israeli single gun "Negev"

The barrel gun — quick change, detached, coupled with a bipod. Non-automatic translator flag switch-fuse is located on the pistol grip with the left hand. Safety button moves to the groove in the form of sector and has three positions: top — "continuous fire" mean (in this position the button is oriented forward) — "single fire", bottom — "fuse." The machine gun is equipped with iron sights (sight — a sector). There is a mount for mounting optical and night sights. The need for firing rifle grenades become a prerequisite for assignment to fly tsevyu back.

The corresponding feature of the machine gun is a variable power supply, which can be supplied from standard stores from assault rifles "Galil" capacity of 12, 35 or 50 rounds, loose tape of the link capacity of 200 cartridges or disk stores with a suitable mount. The export version was equipped with an adapter for mounting stores of rifles M16. The installation of the receiver under the tape, it can be laid in Myagenko canvas bag, which is attached to the socket shop — so Makar, reduced ability clogging the receiver through the tape, which is very possible in the criteria for the introduction of a machine gun.

Israeli single gun "Negev"

One machine gun "Negev" tried to give versatility. Fire may be conducted with the bipod or from the machine. Under the band receiver and removed the bipod substitution everyday trunk for an easy installation and everyday forearm gun virtually converted into an assault rifle. He also installed on the vehicles, and military vehicles. Simplifies the use of a folding butt machine guns in their cars. "Negev" is pretty simple to maintain, with partial disassembly of the machine gun is divided into six parts, including fry.

Lightweight model has a shorter gun trunk available for paratroops.

The order of unloading a machine gun "Negev":
1. If you installed shop, disconnect it (magazine release is available in front of the trigger guard).
2. To remove the tape to push the latch located at the rear cover of the receiver. Lift the lid.
3. Move the slide back, leaving the lid open for inspection chamber and the guide groove.
4. Making sure that there are no bullets in them, close the cover of the receiver.
5. Push the trigger, releasing the shutter.

Technical properties of the Israeli one machine gun "Negev":
Cartridge — 5,56 x45 (M173 or SS109);
Mass gun — 7.5 kg;
Length of the machine gun with the butt folded — 780 mm;
Length of gun butt when tilted — 1020 mm;
Standard barrel length — 460 mm;
The length of the shortened barrel of light — 330 mm;
Rifling — 6 of right;
The stroke length of rifling — 178 mm (cartridge SS109);
The initial velocity — 885 m / s (cartridge SS109);
Effective range — 1000 m;
Rate of fire — 700-1000 rounds per minute;
Box magazine capacity — 30 or 35 rounds of ammunition;
Capacity of the disk store — 100 rounds of ammunition;
Capacity of the link belt — 200 rounds of ammunition.

Israeli single gun "Negev"
Autorifle Negev with a standard barrel and container for 200 patrons.

Israeli single gun "Negev"
Negev Commando machine gun with a short barrel container on 150patronov and red-dot sight on a special bracket.

Israeli single gun "Negev"
Manual gun Negev Commando with a short barrel container on 150patronov and laser designator on the right forearm.

Israeli single gun "Negev"
Negev Commando machine gun barrel sukorochennym, folded, a container of 150 rounds inapravlyayuschey type Picatinny rail instead of the rear sight.
Israeli single g
un "Negev"
Machine gun Negev Commando sukorochennym barrel and a 35-cartridge magazine of machine Galil AR 5,56.

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