Israeli system implements remote control «Rafael Samson Mk2»

The Israeli company «Rafael» for the first time submitted on «Eurosatory — 2012" upgraded version of the weapon system remote Mk2 «Samson." Bimbo system Mk2 is designed for use in at least some modern highly mobile light armored combat vehicle, the newest, upgraded or unchanged.

Israeli weapons system remote control «Rafael Samson Mk2»

System allows the primary and secondary weapons Eastern and Western origin, including 30/40-mm automatic guns, 40-mm grenade launcher AGL (optional) and a 7.62-mm coaxial machine gun. Additionally, it may be mounted launcher, for example, for anti-tank. System armed with a double-axis gyro-stabilized, can be nominated / hide, has a double aim.

New 30mm "Samson" increases the survival of the crew by recharging system occurring under armor. In addition, the robust design of the system tools remote created so that it can withstand the extreme vibration and shock.

Israeli weapons system remote control «Rafael Samson Mk2»

System provides enhanced surveillance missions when the day and NIGHT MODE and has all the capabilities for precision shooting, supported with 2 complex stabilization systems: «Degrees Of Freedom» (DOF) and «Line-Of-Sight» (LOS) — «Free angle" and "line of sight" — and is the third generation of control loop (FCS) for effective fire on the move.

New 30mm "Samson" has overcharge vitality without harming performance, the ability to boot from under armor. System loaded from the platform specially patented mechanism.

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