Israeli tracked MLRS Episkopi» MAR-290 (1970-80gg)

Brand new self-propelled rocket launcher was intended to substitute outdated Russian "Katyusha", which were used in the Israeli army. On the tracked chassis installed four rails for mounting rockets caliber 290mm. In 1968 the company «IMI» launches MAR-290, entitled "Episkopi" for the needs of the IDF.

Brand new system had a range of 10-25 km. On the arms act MLRS MAR-290 performed on the chassis modifications South American Israeli tank M-4 Sherman — M-51 (Supersherman). The guides have a framework structure. First MRL to 1973 have already been in service with the IDF. Brand new technology just did not take part in four Arab-Israeli war, also called "Yom Kippur War". It is understood about the military use of MLRS "Episkopi" in Lebanon against Syrian air defense systems in 1982.

Israeli tracked MLRS "Episkopi» MAR-290 (1970-80gg)

Subsequent modification of the MRL becomes MAR-290, entitled "Eshel and Yarden." It belongs to the second generation of MLRS. Performed on the chassis of the British medium tank A41 «Centurion». The machine is mounted guide tube type. The system is the latest system reload missiles. In 1984, tests were conducted modified MRL.

Israeli tracked MLRS "Episkopi» MAR-290 (1970-80gg)

Artchast mounted in place of the tower. It is designed as a rotating platform with a package of guide tube type. Control platform and rails by means of hydraulic actuators. Aims to provide guidance subsequent ulami — horizontally and 360 degrees vertically 0-60. Time volley — 10 seconds. Combat crew — 4 (commander, driver-mechanic and two operators). When firing, the calculation is in the car. It was assumed that one pack will go to 5 starting.

Israeli tracked MLRS "Episkopi» MAR-290 (1970-80gg)

On this day MLRS-based Sherman discontinued. MRL based on a sample test Centurion has developed and adopted has been received — the project has been closed. In the web are evidence of a MLRS "Eshel and Yarden" in service with the IDF in 2010, but the self-propelled rocket launchers have not been seen anywhere else. Because the installation is not hidden or new weapons, perhaps, the data do not correspond to reality.

Before proceeding a little sort out the titles. On Russian websites modifications MLRS called Irvi and Haviv, the data items are also found in books or historical descriptions that do not correspond to reality:
— Haviv — the title of an anti-missile with a warhead cassette. Range of actions — 22 km;
— Irvi — unguided missile with battle part of the high-explosive type. Range of actions — 40 km.

Composition MLRS "Episkopi":
— self-propelled launcher (PU);
— ammunition unguided rockets caliber 290mm (NURS);
— MSA;
— charging device;
— car transportation.

The apparatus and equipment
In the MTO set carburetor 12-cylinder engine from the "Rolls Royce" power of 604 hp, and liquid cooling. Manual gearbox. Five-speed gearbox. Suspension — two supporting bearing and 6 doubles rubber rollers on each side. Suspension blockaded. Road wheels are assembled by two in the cart and mounted on a double-arm balancers. Rear of the drive wheels.

Israeli tracked MLRS "Episkopi» MAR-290 (1970-80gg)

Self-propelled gun developed a low speed — the maximum speed on roads not equipped surpassed the mark of 35 km / h Overcoming obstacles — a height of 0.91 meters, a width of up to 3.3 meters, a depth of 1.4 meters.

At the launch were established radio communications, internal tank intercom and fire alarm system. Additional weapons — machine gun «Browning» 7.62mm. It was installed in front of the driver-mechanic hatches.

Applied NURS
— NURS "Haviv" caliber 290mm — anti-personnel missile with a cluster warhead. Distance of 22 kilometers acts;
— NURS "Irvi" Rocket with high-explosive warhead. Distance of 40 km deeds. Entered service in about 1973;
— NURS "Irvi-1" — a rocket with a fragmentation warhead. Range of actions — 42 kilometers. In a combat unit (weight 113 kg) were 42 thousand balls and 38 pounds of explosive. The affected area of more than 80 meters. Length 4.3 m, weight 363 pounds.
— NURS "Haviv" for the MLRS "Eshel and Yarden." Differs little increased range up to 23 km, the presence of sub-ball-type ammunition. The affected area — 500 to 500 meters. Efficiency is equal to 13 cluster bombs 155mm caliber. After the closure of the project were given under MLRS ammunition "Episkopi".

Recharging start
Feeding ammunition missiles launcher comes with a special device. It is mounted on the launcher and connected to the hydraulic drive system. Rockets are served with transport machine. Using the on-board crane rocket shift in the unit frame loader. Frame cling with claws on the launcher and fixed brackets. After that, the frame is connected to the hydraulic system and it raises the frame on one lane with the guides. Carry out this operation can reload one person out of the combat crew of about 10 minutes.

The main features:
— Length — 7.5 meters;
— width — 3.4 meters;
— height — 3.6 m;
— starting weight of about 29 tons;
— NURS "Haviv" — length 5.4 m, weight 600 kg, tail swing — 0.57 m, distance — 22 (max-25) km;
— guides — 4 units;
— volley — 10 seconds;
— recharge time of about 10 minutes;
— speed of 35 km / h;
— Range — 190 km.

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