Israelis once again came to the protest

Israelis once again came to the protest

Israel has faced a wave of protests under the slogan of struggle against social injustice. In protest, held on Saturday in 12 major towns of the country, assumed the role of some 70,000 people. The bulk of the protesters were students and members of the middle class.

According to the organizers of the protest, their goal was to demonstrate the unity of the people of Israel, and demonstration purposes the majority of society to do everything possible in order to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. Israeli police on disk imaging, the largest concentrations of protesters have been recorded in the north of the country in the town of Haifa — there is a demonstration attracted about 30 thousand people. Dissatisfied with their real position and the inhabitants of Eilat, Afula and other provinces and cities in the country.

In the central square of the town of Be'er Sheva, located in the south of the country, there were about 10 thousand demonstrators. They unfurled a large banner: "Negev awakened." Some protesters brought placards with slogans followed: "I care for Israel" and "The South is angry."

According to more of early disk imaging, August 6, the number of protesters that came to share in Tel Aviv exceeded 300 thousand people. Despite the huge number of protesters, one day, like last Saturday, clashes between protesters and the police were not.

Mass protests in Israel began about a month back. Protesters demand the government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of economic reforms, expressing protest against the highest rates of life, growing social inequality and unemployment. Apart from this, people need affordable medical care and education. The responsibility for the current situation, according to the views of the protesters must be held Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel's Minister of Finance Yuval Steinitz.

According to the new public opinion polls, 88 percent of Israelis support the demands of the protesters, and more 50 percent of the population willing to support anti-government demonstrations, the first for more than sixty years of Israel's history.

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