Israelis warned of terror threat

Israel warns of terror threat

February 17 Israeli Headquarters for Combating Terrorism issued a warning to their own people who may be located outside of Israel. Intelligence agencies have assigned the highest level of danger — orange, which means the presence of reliable disk imaging of impending terrorist attacks.
This kind of warning is based on the testimony of the terrorists themselves, who were detained on the territory of India and Thailand. In addition, Israeli security forces have studied the data on the terrorist attacks on diplomatic consulate in Tbilisi, New Delhi and Bangkok that have occurred in the last week.

Israeli citizens who are on the ground in other countries, are advised to comply with care. Besides the Israelis bezotstupno recommended to leave the area immediately states, finding the terrain which is dangerous.

Even the "seductive" business proposals from strangers, the Israelis are not advised to consider, because these proposals may come from terrorists and their accomplices. Among other tips to citizens of Israel — a change of the usual routes, recreation and tf.

Such precautions due to the fact that over the last few days the Israeli embassy was attacked by terrorists in different countries. Tel Aviv vdvinul accusations Iran and "Hezbollah". Iranian authorities have categorically reject the allegations Israelis own the address.

Last Thursday, the Kuwaiti newspaper "Al-Jarîda" said citing Israeli sources that Singapore had prevented an attack on Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak. It is reported that the Minister of Defence visited the Singapore Air Show, and in time Tipo own visit turned into a target for terrorists. Immediately three terrorists were going to kill Barak at the time, when it appears at the output of the 1st of the local hotels. But Singapore's intelligence services according to the same Kuwaiti newspaper were able to expose and arrest attempt on the life of Ehud Barak.

But after some time Singaporean policing categorically denied the report, saying that about any planned attempt did not understand them.

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