ISS: the International Space Station to watch online

ISS: the International Space Station to watch online
International gallakticheskaya station — the citadel of the world's population in the orbit of the Earth, man-made star — in clear weather ISS sometimes visible to the naked eye. International gallakticheskaya station — a laboratory for testing new technologies, an outpost for future expeditions to the far corners and maloizvedannye our solar system. Complex technological structure weighing nearly 400 tons, a huge steel structure that turns on the Earth orbit at a speed of nearly 30,000 km / h.
ISS — an international cooperative project, which involved 15 countries (in alphabetical order): Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Our homeland, the United States, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan.
Management ISS is carried out: Russian sector — from the Mission Control Centre in Korolev gallakticheskimi, South American sector — from the Mission Control Center in Houston. Between centers is everyday communication.

Video tour of the ISS (International Gallakticheskaya Station) By Sunita Williams

Gallakticheskie Merit

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