Jews are preparing to move to Russia and Ukraine

Jewish refugees will have nowhere to go in case of attack by the United Arab Front. Consequently, Tel Aviv once again drew attention to the originally called by them the old Khazar Jewish land that is now the Russian Federation.

On the Volga launched underwater expedition "Great Rivers of Russia." Divers from different regions of the bottom of the foot examined Zhiguli Mountains. And look for the answers to many historical riddles. For example, there is a hypothesis that in those places were water trade routes. A vintage vehicles and their contents holds able to tell a lot. Example of what was so unique about the Khazars, and that will happen to Russia for the rebirth of the Jewish Khazars …
The search began Khazaria not accidental. In April of this year in Washington passed the House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress, one of the issues that were on the need of the ancient Khazar state under the tutelage of the United Nations and UNESCO. And raises the question of the Republicans! The Americans say they are willing to allocate the budget of approx. $ 750 million on research and development, plus $ 520 million — for "humanitarian purposes" (construction and reconstruction of the old town and houses the Khazars, the construction of sacrificial temples, etc.). In response, the United States expressed a willingness to slow down the deployment of missile defense in Europe. In the Duma, such as preparing a decision on approval of projects for the provision of "Khazar" a certain number of hectares of arable land to build it all! As far as we can understand this fuss, someone decided not to recognize the ancient Rusichi Kiev or Moscow Russia, namely the Khazar Khanate!

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