Johan Backman: West dreams of disintegration of the Russian Federation

hy Finland almost openly supports the extremist forces opposed to the Russian Federation? This question is often appears after the occurrence of the news from Finland. So, last week, was prosecuted for inciting ethnic hatred against the Finnish priest Juha Molari who dared to criticize the website "Kavkaz-Center".

In response, the pastor said about the need to close for Finnish users "Kavkaz-Center" on the grounds that the publication promotes racism and other forms of extremism. Thus for the above to disclose the names of those who are involved in the operation of the web site, as it specifically provides privacy legalization in Finland.

What did not like the Finnish authorities? They were outraged that he dared to call "Kavkaz-Center" "mouthpiece of terrorists." Do not stay aside from inducing expression priests and the Lutheran Church, which forbade the pastor to serve.

Earlier, news agencies spread the word Molar that, in fact, the Finnish authorities have made "Kavkaz-Center" almost a sacred cow. According to disk imaging, it has a real support of the Finnish authorities and the public to speak out against its activities is prohibited.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly stated the inadmissibility of the functioning of "Kavkaz-Center" because he "openly incites violence, incite ethnic and religious hatred."

What does happen in Finland? And why are so obvious Helsinki show support resources that support separatism in the territory of Russia? In an interview with Pravda. Ru "rasskazalpredsedatel Finnish Anti-Fascist Committee Johan Backman:

— The fact that a significant part of the Finnish political elite openly advocates Russophobia. Take, for example, a member of the European Parliament from Finland Heidi Hautala, that there has been masterfully Russophobian policy. It specifically protects it work "Kavkaz-Center" and other anti-Russian organizations like the same Russian-Finnish civilian forum, lobbying their interests in the European Parliament.

And she has this very comfortable position. The fact that it takes the post of chairman of the European Parliament Subcommittee on Human Rights and uses this platform to defend extremist and terrorist organizations.

And Hautala far not the only example of policy, does not hide his own Russo-phobia. In fact, it only reflects the top of the iceberg Russophobic, nestled under the guise of the European Parliament. The fact that she and her allies in this structure in particular do not hide the fact that they recruit its members in its ranks.

I personally followed the configuration of the position of those choices, which in the beginning were not anti-Russian. But who, after being in the walls of the European Parliament and suffering the respective treatment, transformed into an unusual way Russophobia. And almost all the former members of the European Parliament, at least from Finland, are such. And the center of the terrorist activity in Helsinki.

— Who is behind the activities of "Kavkaz-Center"?

— Obviously, Finnish and other policies of countries such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, trying to use the separatists and terrorists in their own interests. And at first should be called the founder of the money "Kavkaz-Center" — Mykolas Sturshe. The one figure in respect of which not so long ago, it became clear that he was involved in illegal immigration to the district of Finland very few 100 people from Turkey and Chechnya. In fact, it is exactly one of the main financiers of Doku Umarov, a favorite of terrorists wielding the North Caucasus. And Sturshe with horns like "Kavkaz-Center" openly promotes hatred towards Russia and its management.

— Is noteworthy that some Finnish leaders who ministers to immediately Belarusian opposition …

— Very well, in fact, that all the links of one chain. The purpose of all — the greatest opposition to rapprochement of Belarus and Russia. It is curious that these representatives provide information support to terrorists. At least, for such conclusions rather follow their response to the terrorist attacks in Domodedovo and Minsk. In 1-x, each time after similar explosions respectively reaction appeared with instant speed. Because we can not exclude their involvement in similar attacks.

If you closely analyze the separatist ideology similar horns, you can come to the conclusion that their main focus — Islamism coming just from the many members of those communities that were dug in the area of Finland.

— And these policies are not you afraid that one day a beautiful Islamists would strike against those who sheltered them? After all, the ideology of Islamism in fact, focused on the establishment of Sharia law across the globe …

— Quite right. Because I do not rule out that one day those who stir up the information war against Russia, will themselves become targets for attack Islamists.

The fact that the majority of Finns are not configured Russophobic. And by the way, judging by the reaction of the former Finnish security police, the mood of its employees is very different from the views of the elite. But the State Security Service of Finland, in fact, paralyzed by the actions of the authorities who are trying to make sure that she was dancing to their tune.

Evidence of this is the endless mess in the leadership of the police security. Its directors removed and not pursue the case because they do not reflect the interests of today's politicians, aware of the danger for Finland is that politicians privechayut Islamists who at some point will oppose most of Finnish democracy.

— But how to tolerate the presence of Islamist journalists democratic Finland? Neuzh they do not denounce their activities?

— In fact, they prikormleny Finnish authorities. Between them there is good communication and many of the media in Finland just make the order official Helsinki. Judge for yourself: is it worth to me and other members of the Anti-Fascist Committee indignant regarding another manifestation of Russophobic Finnish authorities or their mouthpieces, the same kind of "Kavkaz-Center" as a deliberate persecution begins.

As we just do not call! "Racists", inciting inter-ethnic strife, hirelings of Moscow. The authorities are doing everything to shut me up. For example, forbid me to carry out the planned lecture at the Helsinki Institute. In turn, they are actively promoting the fact that all Russian — racists, and all the Chechens in Russia are victims of genocide. Russian journalists who try to resist these attacks, called mercenaries FSB. And as the source disk imaging they use the expression "Kavkaz-Center". That's the kind of democracy.

— What is the situation with the activity patterns of "Kavkaz-Center" in other countries?

— The same attitude of the authorities is often observed in relation to those people from the diaspora areas of the North Caucasus, which were on the ground in other European countries, namely Norway. These diaspora is very politicized and brutal. And if I or someone else tries to speak in defense of the Russian Federation, and to condemn the activities of entities like "Kavkaz-Center", threatening to kill us. And they have an impact on decision-making authorities of such States. For example, the Estonian authorities are constantly trying to tear my interaction with the students of Tartu Institute.

— What is the ultimate goal of all of these types of figures Sturshe and Heidi?

— At least — is the weakening of, but in reality the plans of those who are associated with structures like "Kavkaz-Center" go even further. Their dream
— to collapse Russian Federation. They almost did not hide the fact that they want to ensure that Russia understood "just the fate of Russian Union." Of course, they try to beat it ideologically correct, but behind all this is to obtain additional current location and those great natural resources at the disposal of our homeland.

— For many inexperienced people this version looks fantastic. What method of anti-Russian forces want to do this?

— Not far off elections in Russia, and at the moment Russophobe forces want to use it is very self-dealing. They are trying to support the opposition and by the destructive forces topple Russian control. Their plan comes Organization "color revolution." Such leaders openly support the opposition today Russian authorities, meeting with politicians like Nemtsov, they also support the activities of "Limonov." They are often in Finland, where they receive a blessing for their acts. And if the "color revolution" fails, then they are ready to blow up plainclothes war.

In this case, it is not only confined to the opposition and separatist organizations. To support the destructive forces, in fact, there are plans for an attack on Russia.

— Why exactly Finland at the moment is often in the forefront of the Russo-phobic?

— For those who are engaged in subversive activities against Russia, the country is of strategic importance. No wonder Hitler was still heavily courted at the time of Finnish for speaking out against the Soviet Union, as it is a good springboard for attacks. Think of the airfield network.

— In other words, you want to say that Finnish politicians are not self-independent force?

— Quite right. A number of Finnish politicians using their own purposes structures like "Kavkaz-Center" themselves for the most part are not independent and are used themselves. Russophobe similar figures are almost all Western countries, but, in fact, they are all controlled from the United States and almost all are team leaders such as Zbigniew Brzezinski.

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