Joseph Linder, death squads killed by the Pentagon do not consider

Military elite of the United States, dissatisfied with politics in Afghanistan, Barack Obama planted incriminating evidence

In the States, a resounding scandal declassified "death squad" Pentagon operations in Afghanistan, and eliminates any "interference" in its path, including the kids.

The other day on the website Wikileaks has been posted over 90 thousand documents relating to all the qualities of the operation in Afghanistan from January 2004 to December 2009. Selected papers and detailed analysis of the archive immediately released a South American newspaper The New York Times, the British The Guardian and the German weekly Spiegel, who got access to the archive month back with the condition of the materials placed in one day — July 25.

Previously, the existence of Task Force 373 did not understand it, and the command of U.S. and NATO denies the fact of extrajudicial executions. The Pentagon continues an internal investigation and search for the person who handed over documents media. Experts have at the moment they say that the damage from the leak is huge, with greater blow inflicted by U.S. President Barack Obama, who has declared war in Afghanistan, the value of its own foreign policy.

What are South American "death squads", the president knows Internatsionalnaya Counterterrorism the Training Association Joseph Linder.

— Joseph B. what "death squads"?

— This is part of the special mission of the Ministry of Defense. Place of registration is usually not clear eyewash put some kind of a military unit. The composition of such
units usually mixed: used as a full-time staff of Army Special Forces and U.S. intelligence officers seconded. Major intelligence agencies in the United States, incidentally, as many as 27. And who can be seconded directly — the FBI, the CIA, the State Security Agency, exploration of Congress, the U.S. Treasury security — one Lord, God knows. Such units do certain tasks, usually use ekstrakonstitutsionnye ways to ensure public safety or the military.

— What does ekstrakonstitutsionnye? This extra-judicial executions?

— In football, there is an offside position in the legal field — ekstrakonstitutsionnye ways. Nothing more I can add.

— As an ordinary situation for such units, that when you try to kill the 1st incidentally killed seven militants kids?

— Slag (killed) is never considered. Though what the officer just makes an order which it was delivered top military and political control of the United States. Everything.

In general, it is a question for those in the Pentagon who made this leak. Most likely, the cause of leakage — disapproval of the military elite in the U.S. with the policy pursued by the Obama administration in Afghanistan.

— How many "death squads"? Let's task is to remove the same Abu al-Levee. From your perspective, what could be the approximate composition of the Yankees?

— Population — from five or six to 400 people. Typically, these operations use unit with a strength of the platoon to the company. They are armed can be anything — from rocket launchers to a catalog is not hand-held tools.

— Experts say that before the existence of Task Force 373 were not aware …

— And never will be. This is a temporary connection, a temporary working group. About it, no one knows, not including management. When employees perform the work, they diverge in their departments.

— How many of these special units can operate in Afghanistan, the Yankees right?

— As much as necessary. Can be used 10's groups.

— If the Yankees went friction between the military and the Obama administration, we will see new plum?

— For sure, there will be plum, and retirement.

— Which is essentially the position of the Yankees in Afghanistan?

— Worse than that at one time were we. After 10 years, to summarize: count the number of heads, and a look at the result. In Afghanistan, not so long ago, by the way, killed the first Norwegians — four representatives of the "blue helmets". Were blown up as well as the protection of the German Embassy. For Norway, four killed — it is a state of mourning. Neither in Kosovo nor in Croatia, none of the Norwegians until now did not die. In this case, as in the case of the Germans, the loss of staff are peacekeeping units.

— If the Americans withdraw their troops from Afghan, whatever will happen?

— Like a snowball.

The Pentagon took a timeout

The Pentagon has not yet determined the extent of the damage caused by the publication of the website Wikileaks hidden documents about the U.S. operation in Afghanistan. As said, the South American Defense Ministry spokesman Dave Leypan, in order to examine all the materials and find the damage caused by the U.S. military in this country and coalition partners' days are needed, if not weeks. " Specialists they say that the damage is enormous.

Leypan declined to comment on the content of the documents. "The fact of their publication does not mean removal from the documents classified as" secret "- quoted him as saying RIA" Novosti ".

He added that the Pentagon continues an internal investigation and search for the person who handed over documents media. This suspect the former Army intelligence officer in Baghdad, 22-year-old Bradley Manning, who was arrested for "draining" hidden information in the web in June. But the documents relating to the last period of the war were, perhaps, given by another person, with a highest level of access to restricted documents.

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