Journal Time: Person of the Year — the founder of Facebook

Time magazine named "Man of the Year" by Mark Tsukerberga, the founder of the popular social network Facebook.

Joining him for the title fight Afghan leader Hamid Karzai , founder of the website Wikileaks Julian Assange, saved Chilean miners, as well as modern Movement chayapitstsya in the U.S., reports the BBC.

In 2009, the "Man of the Year" by Time magazine became head of the Federal Reserve System Ben Bernanke, in 2008 — Barack Obama in 2007 — Vladimir Putin.

Time magazine chooses the "Person of the Year" from the 1920's.

A large photograph of the winner is placed on the cover of one of the December numbers, This year, this number will be released Friday, Dec. 17.

Taken into account when choosing what impact man has had on world events — this effect is not necessarily positive. At different times, "Man of the Year" by the Time became, for example, Hitler, Stalin and the Ayatollah Khomeini.

In his 26 years Tsukerberg became one of the youngest "people of the year" in the history of the competition.

Earlier, the National Board of Review USA has announced the winners of its annual awards for achievement in cinematography. The best film of the year was the picture of "The Social Network" about the creation of Facebook and its founder.

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