Katun Altai Reserve organized excursions to Lake Multinsky

Specialists Katunsky Biosphere Reserve in the Altai Mountains organized special tours for tourists who want to see the famous Multinsky lake, according to the website of environmental organization.

Multinsky lake — a group of lakes in the northern slope of Katun ridge in the Altai mountains. They are located in Ust-Koksinsky district of the Altai Republic. This cascade of lakes located in the upper reaches of the multi and on its tributaries. Two of the seven lakes (top and lateral) — in the Katunsky Biosphere Reserve in 2013, tourists access to these waters can only be accompanied by members of the reserve by organized groups.

"… Visit the reserve in Multinskoye lakes will be accompanied by staff daily. 11:00 organized group will go to the route from the cordon" Average Multinskoye Lake "," — said in a statement of the reserve.

Environmentalists point out that for an adult ticket to visit sightseeing equipped excursion paths and routes are charged 150 rubles for children — 75 rubles. You can buy a ticket on the central reserve estate in the village of Ust-Cox, or directly on the cordon.

"Violators of reserve status will be punished by administrative fines", — underline environmentalists.

Katunsky Biosphere Reserve is founded on 25 July 1991. It is located in Ust-Koksinsky district of the Altai Republic in the most mountainous part of Altai — the Katun Range. The reserve area — 151,000 hectares. Adjacent to the reserve Belukha (4.506 km) — the highest point of Siberia, a world natural heritage site. The reserve is situated at an altitude ranging from 1.3 to 3.28 thousand meters.

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