Killed Svetlana Levashov

Svetlana is dedicated to the memory
Words of love you do not say,
No more than your heart beats.
In your eyes so Bole not look within,
And you will not see his reflection.

Enemies detonated inside the heart
And the blood through the body Bole not flow.
And life is a drop of you
In a bottomless cold too aspire.

You were the light for me
And this light warmed the soul.
And once it became empty without you
And darkness shrouded in black cloth.

The enemies were unable to survive,
What do you as a warrior to fight them.
You still wanted to go on living,
See the light of victory so wanted.

You're not looking good for yourself
You're my life, drop by drop to give.
And the most important thing was for you,
For life to continue to thrive.

You helped me a lot,
You people very much carrying.
Spiritual light illuminated their path
And it saved the life of many people.

Enemies thwarted plans for this summer.
They wanted to ruin their homeland
And millions of lives put
And the soul of the Russian kill.

Russ afraid evil world,
Russian soul dreams kill
And slavery in the world is King;
And right, blood drinking.

It did not leave a gate of this time,
And you, too, in that they prevented.
Mad evil so many times
And in you all the rage to win.

Unable to get me,
They decided on you
On all cylinders to recoup
Then to me with a smile, watching.

To see how I suffer
And stole all
Tear from his eye drop or
And the curse of the black.

For the death of your they will pay!
How long will remember the day
When decided on a …
Of them will leave a shadow.

I will not leave our cause,
All forces will gather again,
And spit on black baiting
I will bring the case to victory.

In the victory of the Light —
Your name in the victory!
And you turned on all the dawn,
Pogasnuv lit … she …

Nicolai Levashov, November 14, 2010, 2 hours 42 minutes in the morning.

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