Last witnesses kryvichskogo Merya dual faith and disappear before our eyes

Victor Erokhin shows evidence of dual faith Merya

Victor Erokhin, when what it says, usually fiercely gesticulating — the habit of professional lecturer. And, speaking to me, he continues to impress what that invisible opponent, although this is not necessary. Theme for a very important one, and it deals with the movement of her soul.
— It is only stored in living memory, it goes to the eyes. Much has been lost in the time of continuous irrigation, when killed thousands of small streams and old fields, and now seeks. Fashion has gone to "rock gardens" at the lodges. These stones — "bits and pieces" of the old pagan traditions. Koechto we know about it, but there is little, little …

Victor Erokhin — Deputy Director of the Museum of Uglich. This year there was an exhibition "Cult rocks of the Upper Volga." Passed quite unnoticed. Presented were mostly pictures, which is why the tourist is not appreciated the importance of the project, as that is what it cost to collect these more than six dozen pictures.

As recognized himself Erokhin topic appeared long ago, many years ago, when he and Yaroslavl historian Svetlana Chernetsova reconciles the terrain: the condition of the sources referred to in the pre-revolutionary huge stones, boulders, and is revered by the ancient Meria Kriviches who lived at this Yaroslavl, Tver porubezhe.

Victor Erokhin near cult stones

— I remember one day we got a ride in a village church in the area of elder and treasurer, and they showed us one revered place, a stone flower bed — it's amazing. Among the rocks there was a real menhir (iconic stone pillar. — PI). Five years ago, we tried to find the place — and there travischa rose, all overgrown. But I hope we find more.

The exhibition was prepared from multiple sources. About a third were old drawings, paintings and photographs of stones, many of them are long gone, but when they were a source of pride and was a local landmark. More photos made today Uglich famous photographer and local historian Victor Borodulin during expeditions of the museum.

— We interviewed grandmothers, hunters, just locals — says Victor Borodulin (pictured). — Many people at first did not understand what we want. Very often in the same village some people know about the stone and worship it, for others it is a forgotten legend. Let us sit two grandmothers. One says, "Yes, I do not know" and another, "No, you do not know, how do you know, and he returns the force." Suppose helps with infertility …

As you know, Orthodoxy in Russia and have integrated the originally consecrated many of popular paganism. But if the springs in our day again began to attract crowds of pilgrims, from the stones turned out differently. Varvarin stone, stone Tikhonov, Friday, stone and many others have been sanctified, they were chapels and churches, but … In revered in Uglich "Petukhov Stone" (with the "chicken" paw — in fact with the capercaillie, capercaillie was one of the Merya important totems) of old church stood. Now, for many decades, there — shop and parking. And no national orthodoxy. Other stones sank into the darkness of obscurity, disappeared in a swamp at the bottom of reservoirs, laid the foundation for farm buildings. To collect at least what else you can collect! That those involved Uglich ethnographers and historians. And in this regard, they travel a lot and in the Tver region.

— How many people in Kashin know that in line Kashinka is revered as a Cossack-stone? — Says Victor Erokhin. — And there's Kalyazin legendary gold stone, under which the alleged robbers buried gold, but to read it, of course, long before these traditions. We hope to visit other stones Yaroslavl, Tver frontier, since living here in the ancient Baltic and Finnish peoples did not have our limits, and their sanctuary located in several adjacent areas — Yaroslavl, Tver, Vladimir, Moscow.

The stones have a bizarre classification: with paws sledoviki, "Rusal", rocks, vases, kamnigriby, with grooves, "blue" (and actually blue). There are whole rock complexes. In the near future is preparing a series of publications on the topic in scientific collections. But with the onset of the warm season, of course, will continue the expedition. In search of a forgotten tradition.

Pavel Ivanov, the newspaper "Vedomosti Tver '

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