Lightning near Penza move objects

Penzenets witnessed an unusual phenomenon. Explanation he does not find in any of the public on the laws of physics today.

Anatoliy Lipatov, an engineer living and electrician by profession, is no fiction does not accept. However, what happened with his friend in the country, it seemed to him in terms of extraordinary science.

Objects moving themselves

— It was the summer — says Anatoly Petrovich. — Suddenly came running afternoon clouds and a storm began. A friend of my wife and threw all the work in a hurry and disappeared into the house. Rain fell in about an hour and just as suddenly ended. When owners come to your site, it was all the same.

But looking closer, the head of the family realized that his homemade jock water the garden looks somehow otherwise.
It appeared that he sank into the ground by 20 inches! A metal structure of the steel disk disappeared.

Then give the owner found it tselehonkim, without a scratch and opals, but under a different rim. In other words, the discs are reversed. But how? The most incredible thing — the size of the lower rim by about six inches less than the top! It turns out that mysteriously hard disk "leaked" down and immediately below it cracked …

Tricks of lightning

— Probably, the lightning hit right in the pitching arm — suggests comrade Anatoly, who witnessed the anomaly. — The impact was dramatic, more precisely, biting, and

somewhere very close. I was scared, thinking that lightning bolt smashed some of my trees.

Witness the transformation of the metal structure of steel and neighbors in the cottage. They often went to get water and other Anatolia remember exactly how jock looked before it was struck by lightning.

Anatoliy Lipatov carefully measure all dimensions of parts pitching caliper and made a drawing. Penzenets authoritative connoisseurs turned to science. However, no one reasonable explanation could not give.

— What could happen? — Asks the researcher. — When lightning struck a jock, was formed in the electromagnetic field. As a result of this effect, perhaps, there was transformation of matter.

If it was possible to repeat the experience in the laboratory, and there would be an explanation. Perhaps we would have discovered a new law of physics!

Expert Opinion

The head of the group "Kosmopoisk" in Penza Vladimir puppeteer very interested in this anomaly:

We surely will investigate the incident unusual fact. To do this, look at footage shot by the author, and then we will drive to a place to look at all the eyes. Our experts — professionals in many areas, and ensure that readers will not be left unanswered.

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