London ready for the end of the world. Bunkers for salvation — in every home


Some companies have established here the production of individual bunkers and bomb shelters for the wealthy, but too superstitious citizens.

London, more than any other city in the world can consider itself thoroughly prepared for the coming end of the world. Most government and administrative buildings are equipped with underground shelters, preserved since the Cold War. And many of them are actively used as offices, and clerks who work in them to receive additional salary for hazardous conditions — finding no fresh air and natural light.

In London, as always, actively building. And many of the buildings are also equipped with whole underground floors, with a long-term view that can be used as a refuge in case of various disasters. Decent expensive house here now will not sell without a built bunker. Which can be used in peace-time as a library, swimming pool or storage for wine.

Nick Catford, a specialist in the bunkers, "I think it is waste of money. It is unlikely that these bins will ever be used for its intended purpose. But I can understand people's fears, their desire to protect themselves from all sorts of dangers and threats. "




Nick Catford — one of the foremost experts on the bunkers in the UK. He published a book about them and knows about all the bunkers. Among his friends — many owners of underground homes, come to him for advice novices.

Nick Catford, a specialist in the bunkers, "It is much easier to start the construction of the bunker with a clean piece of land, still without a home. If the building is already on, then equip a bunker underneath it is also possible, but it is very, very expensive. I know of some examples, but would advise not to choose an underground construction, and use, for example, the space of the garden. "

Wealthy Britons bought branded bins worth up to 20 million pounds, while others choose a more budget option, and rebuild the old bunkers, which many in the country. Although the majority of ordinary British refers to the forecast of the next end of the world philosophically. Routine care for the English is more important than the apocalypse.

According to the ancient Mayan calendar, the end of the world is left a little over a year. While "W" — December 31, 2012.

Construction of one of the underground bunker takes an average of six months to two years, so that the wealthy and worried-British still have time to thoroughly prepare for December 2012.

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