Man is descended from aliens

Different extraterrestrial civilizations thousands of years ago on Earth performed genetic experiments. From then on our planet live different races …

Nowadays many scholars rightly believe that centuries ago, our ancestors communicated directly with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. According to these researchers, "astronauts" repeatedly and with different goals visited Earth, leaving a numerous traces of their stay. That is evidenced by archaeological discoveries, which we today and tell.

Recently, in the Gobi desert found human skulls with horns. Dug their Belgian scientist Friedrich Meisner. On this basis, he speculated that the aliens in the distant past was carried out on our planet, genetic experiments.

No less sensational discovery, confirming the story of extraterrestrial genetic experiments on Earth, made a few months ago, Egyptian scientists. In the secret room of one of the pyramids, they found a well-preserved mummy of a 16 year old Egyptian girl, who according to careful research instrumentation died more than 5,000 years ago. She was pregnant. The fruit of a mummy found by X-ray machine. But the thing! After all, the Egyptians mastered the technique of mummification only 1,000 years later. Moreover, the unborn child is totally unknown on the planet life form. Based on this fact, many scientists are doing now conclude that in the creation of humans on Earth was attended by representatives of different extraterrestrial civilizations.

They are, in the opinion of our current research, mixed his own DNA and then existing on our planet primates. Hence it supposedly had all the earthly race. Moreover, some scientists believe that the Japanese nation, as opposed to all the others, was created by geneticists such an extraterrestrial civilization, which was characterized by spiritual unity among the people and the physical similarity. That is why the Japanese are very united spiritually and physically very similar to each other.

Over the past five years, Egyptologists have found that the location of the three pyramids at Giza repeats location of the three stars in the constellation Orion. Hence, the complex, including the Sphinx, bears some semantic space load. By the ancient Egyptians it was clearly not necessary. And who then in that there was an urgent need? It turns out that the aliens. At least the ancient Egyptian papyri claim that up to a dynasty of pharaohs ruled Egypt for thousands of years the gods, that is aliens.

At the beginning of this century by a small Italian town of Val Camonica, in a place called the Valley of the Gods, found numerous drawings of humanoid beings with halos around their heads that resemble helmets "astronauts" or halo of a saint. Scientists claim that with these figures the place got its name. Here today found more than 20,000 petroglyphs. According to the researchers, they were inscribed on rocks about 10 thousand years ago. One image clearly depicts a procession reminiscent of a meeting or parting. 20 people lined up and hold each other's hands. On the contrary they depict humanoid creatures with "helmet". These figures "astronauts" are found on all the walls of caves Valley of the Gods. Who did these drawings? Ancient humans or aliens? The question is still open! But the fact that they depict the aliens from other worlds of the universe, scientists have no doubt.

In 1963, Turkey accidentally opened a vast underground city. Since then, thousands of tourists have been there to enjoy the unique architectural antiquity.

The city has 13 floors. According to scientists, it was built in the IX-VIII centuries BC. At considerable depth gouged numerous cells, passages and galleries. The air in the cave amazingly fresh due to the large abundance of ventilation shafts. To date, researchers know more than 1,150 small and 25 large vozduhovyvodyaschih mine, going to a depth of 80 meters. All underground dwellings connected by passages having a total length of over 10 km. Since around the city is not even any evidence of stockpiles of soil excavated from the ground, the scientists are inclined to believe that the underground structure is a matter of the mind of extraterrestrial beings, but it worked it for the people in the event of a global cataclysm.

In the early 1990s, in the ice of the Alps found a remarkably well-preserved mummy man. Its age is, by definition, experts, is at least 5,300 years. Until September 2000, it was kept in a special room at a constant low temperature. But here's a case come from researchers of various modern professions. They raised the temperature in the storage of up to two degrees above zero. The body of the mummy was soft. Forensic experts then decided to take samples of tissue and bone marrow.

The work was conducted with the utmost caution. But when surgeons opened his chest, all the study participants dumbfounded to see the cold white light lamps operating, where it all happened, something shiny. When the researchers expanded the edges "Iceman" saw something amazing — an implanted artificial heart, is much more sophisticated than those used modern medicine. It follows that the mummy — this is most likely left on Earth alien physical and biological origin. But it may be that this man, taken by aliens, whom they treated for heart disease, and even then only he had died of old age.

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