Map of the New World Order in the Library of Congress

YesOnline Library of Congress, under cards, one card, the nagging many conspiracy theorists. This card came to the library in 1942. Some Maurice Gomberg (Maurice Gomberg) published in Philadelphia in 1942, a draft map of the New World Order after the war.

Some say that this card he hung in the window of the shop, it said one woman, bought several copies and sent to the Library of Congress.

Others add that the map was allegedly wrote, that it is in October 1941.

It is unclear what value could be in the card shop to its right were sending to the Library of Congress. It is unclear what practical purpose could pursue someone Gomberg, duplicating (!) Such a map, and even at the end of 1941, beginning of 1942, when the outcome of the war was oh how obvious.

Who is this Mr. Gomberg (and whether it was at all), is also unknown. It is also unclear what purpose could pursue those who have printed out the map to create a "stub" distraction.

It is also doubtful that the stamp "made in October 1941," is on the original card. In general, a mysterious story.

We will not draw conclusions, just transfer the plan, which is written under the card. Remarkable plan.

1. We, the United States, in cooperation with our allies, are going to crush and completely destroy the military power of the Axis aggressors, and their satellites regardless of cost, effort and time required for this task, because our national security and in the interests of international morality.

2. The old order of colonial oppression, exploitation of dominions, rival imperialisms, and the balance of power diplomacy hired; aristocrats, dictators, privileged minorities, plutocratic monopolists and similar social parasites, corrupt order responsible for the present world cataclysm, endangering our national security and peaceful progress, never must rise again (this point is definitely wrote Communist (Trotskyist) — approx. Impcommiss).

3. After successful completion of the war should be installed New World Moral Order for permanent peace and freedom.

4. For reasons of history, economic structure, favorable geography and the welfare of mankind, the U.S. should take the lead over altruistically novoustanovlennym democratic world order.

5. To reduce the burden and criminal use of arms spending in the world, the United States, with the cooperation of Latin America, the Commonwealth and the Soviet Union should take measures to ensure the nations of the world, which will be permanently disarmed and demilitarized after the war.

6. The main prerequisite for the possibility to meet our obligations and effectively prevent the possibility of recurrence of another world cataclysm is to be invincible in the U.S. military, naval and air power.

7. For a realistic calculation of strategy and our invulnerability, definitely need to get the U.S. out of all foreign powers in the Western Hemisphere from the management of their estates, the surrounding waters and strategic island, as shown on the map.

8. For the calculation of hemispheric defense and in the spirit and tradition of the Monroe Doctrine and the new neighborhood policy, the United States in accordance with the Latin American republics to take control and the right of a protectorate over abandoned areas.

9. To strengthen our position in the Caribbean region, with obvious relevance to hemispheric defense, our neighbors in Central America and the West Indies should be offered all possible incentives to facilitate their entry into the form of equal states in the U.S., as shown on the map.

10. To strengthen political and economic unity of the Western Hemisphere, the United States should promote and assist the unification of South America into a well organized federated "United States of South America" (ala — approx. Impcommiss).

11. Freed British, French and Dutch Guiana should be reorganized into a single state in SSHYUA.

12. All states must give up control over their colonial, mandated and island possessions everywhere in the world.

13. British Commonwealth of Nations (BSN), the second most important military and naval power, working in conjunction with mandatory U.S. as a power of freedom is to save and to gain control over these territories, peacekeeping bases and strategic islands to maintain world peace and freedom in the sea, as shown on the map.

14. USSR, the third major military power by cooperating with the United States as a power of freedom and peace in the world, must take control of the liberated, disorganized adjacent areas and regions of Germany, Austria, so they have been retrained and eventually incorporated as equal republics of the USSR, as shown on the map.

15. Should be organized in the World League of Nationalities (remember, based on the G20, not the UN as one might think, it is planned to create a World Government. Who said it would not be called a million? — Approx. Impcommiss) with the right to arbitration, and control.

16. Should be organized by the World Court with punitive powers of absolute boycott, quarantine, blockade and occupation by international police perpetrators of international morality.

17. U.S., working closely with SSHYUA, BSN, the USSR and the World League of Nations, to promote and assist in the union now abandoned unnecessarily separated territories and regions in a well organized, democratic and absolutely demilitarized federated republics as approximately shown on the map.

18. The areas known as the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, the island of Corsica, and eventually Italy and the islands of Sardinia and Sicily are to be combined into a demilitarized, federated "United States of Europe" (ala — approx. Impcommiss ).

19. The areas known as Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Svalbard Islands to be combined into demilitarized, federated "United States of Scandinavia" (ala — approx. Impcommiss).

20. The continent of Africa has to be reorganized and integrated into the demilitarized federated "Union of African Republics" (ala — approx. Impcommiss).

21. The areas known as Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Hedzhas, Yemen, Aden and Oman, to be combined into a demilitarized "Federated Union of Arab Republics" (ala — approx. Impcommiss).

22. The areas known as India, including Afghanistan, Baluchistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Burma, to be combined into demilitarized "Federal Republic of India."

23. The areas known as China, Inner Mongolia, Tibet, Thailand, Malaya, Indo-China and Korea, to be combined into demilitarized, federated "United Republic of China."

24. The areas known as Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Crete, Dodecanese Islands and adjacent islands in the Aegean Sea should be combined into a demilitarized "Federal Republic of Greece."

25. The areas known as the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland should be merged into demilitarized independent republic of "Eire."

26. The area of the Holy Land of the Hebrews, is now also known as Palestine and Transjordan, and adjacent regions, as shown on the map, for reasons of history and the need to facilitate the mandatory post-war refugee problem, to be combined into demilitarized independent republic of "Land of the Jews."

27. The area known as European Turkey, adjacent to the Dardanelles, the Sea of Marmara and the Bosphorus, for reasons of realistic peace strategy shall be placed under joint control of the USSR and Turkey.

28. The area known as Turkey shall be a demilitarized independent republic of "Turkey."

29. All the problems of exchange, transfer and repatriation of the population will be managed by the World League of Nations.

30. Criminals and their accomplices are guilty of this hideous war shall be brought to trial, and they should be applied unforgettable punishment.

31. All subjects of Japan and all persons of Japanese origin of doubtful loyalty should always be removed from the entire Western Hemisphere, USA protectorates and strategic island, and their property confiscated for use in post-war reconstruction.

32. All subjects of Germany and Italy and all persons of German and Italian origin known as active supporters of Nazi and Fascist ideologies will be subject to such an attitude.

33. German, Italian and Japanese immigration to the Western Hemisphere, its protectorates and island should be permanently discontinued.

34. All the people of German origin in East Prussia on the Rhine should be moved into the inner Germany, and these areas should be permanently de prussinizirovanny.

35. All people of German, Italian and Japanese origin shall be permanently expelled from the conquered territories at present, and their property should be confiscated for post-war reconstruction needs.

36. To cleanse the populations of the defeated Axis aggressors infection military chauvinism, for effective removal and destruction of their potential military establishments, and for the return of stolen and re them for possible membership in the family of nations of Germany, Austria, Italy and Japan should be sealed and insulated and must forever controlled the appointment of governors accountable to the World League of Nations.

37. All resources, industrial and labor force isolated areas to be used for the needs of the post-war recovery and reconstruction.

38. To reduce the quantity of force the aggressor nations, as a potential military advantage, in isolated areas will be developed and implemented control policies [increased] the population.

39. In the New World Moral Order which we seek to establish, besides the essential political freedoms, would be binding on the following economic changes:

(A) The nationalization of all natural resources and equitable distribution of all nations throughout the world;
(B) Nationalization of international banks, foreign investments, railroads and power plants — everywhere in the world;
© nationalization of arms production all remaining military powers;
(D) Federal control over foreign commerce and shipping;
(E) Establishment of the global monetary system;
(F) International interest rate caps the maximum two percent.

40. To preserve the victory and leadership of our united democratic effort — aimed not vengeance or exploitation, but freedom and security of all nations for peaceful progress — at the end of the war combined "high command of the United Nations" (opa! 1942 — ca. Impcommiss) should be reorganized and transformed into a permanent "Supreme Military and Economic Council" collaborating with the "World League of Nations" in the post-war reconstruction and peace in the world.

41. "The Supreme Military and Economic Council" shall appoint the Governors to manage an isolated area to their final forgiveness. For this purposeful beginning we must fight until absolute victory.

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