Mars will not allow themselves to earthlings


The Russian space station on the night of November 9, unsuccessfully launched from earth to Mars. According to the latest data, the contact with the automatic interplanetary station "Phobos-Grunt" has failed.

Russia test stations tried to do this for the rest of last night, but did not achieve success. Remove from the board telemetry station today try to French and American ground facilities. According to ITAR-TASS, in the late afternoon for this work will join Russian measuring points. Meanwhile, a website administered by the U.S. Strategic Command, continues to warn that "Phobos-Grunt" may fall to Earth on November 26. Some media reports, however, publish information that until December 3 station on Earth will not fall.

Immediately there were skeptics who saw this event mystical omens. They had two years ago predicted the failure of the mission, said that "something on Mars will not allow."

What happened, and why, with engine plant is not delivering on its trajectory to Mars and leaving Earth orbit, it's trying to find out experts.

That's only 1960 21 earthlings attempt to send probes to Mars, its fails. During that time, the Soviet Union and Russia lost 13 pieces, Americans — 6, the Japanese — one another — the Europeans. 18 missions were successful, ie almost 50/50. Ironically, the development of other planets, but is not accompanied by such problems, one red planet will not allow myself to earthlings.

In 1989, the first attempt to pull the apparatus to the surface of the satellite of Mars, Phobos, failed. The first Soviet space station Phobos 1 was lost immediately, and the second, Phobos 2, before disappearing managed to convey to the earth strange images — moving huge object in the shape of the spindle. For the UFO that was one explanation — a UFO. This version of you liked that all the other unsuccessful attempts were written off by the machinations of the aliens.

Then, after missing the American Mars Observer and our Mars-96. For eight years on Mars could not run anything. But recently there was a partial solution of this mystery. Experts have concluded that moving the spindle was a shadow of Phobos. That's just remained a mystery why "Fobom-Grunt" is out of order since the beginning of the flight.



"Monolith" on Phobos: from deciphering have to wait.

Attention to a strange object on Phobos regularly attracts legendary astronaut Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin — the man, the second to set foot on the moon in 1969. According to him, all who saw the photo "Monolith", do not doubt that those who put him there. And this, of course, only reinforces the suspicion of alien activity on Mars and in the surrounding area.

Ufologists do not doubt that the contraption was left up any newcomers. But about her appointment speculated.



"Monolith" on Phobos

The object was discovered in 1998. Its researchers found Efrain Palermo and Len Fleming in pictures (SPS252603 and SPS252603), transferred the probe Mars Global Surveyor. It was they called the "Monolith"-like object either on the stove, or the tower, or the dome height of approximately 76 meters.
"Monolith" and its computer reconstruction (bottom left)

"Monolith" and its computer reconstruction (bottom left)

Unfortunately, even if the fate of the "Phobos-Grunt" would have been successful, it is unlikely that one could count on the study of the mysterious object.

The Institute of Space Research reported that in general about the "Monolith" the first time they hear.

Said Alexander Bazilevskii, head of the Laboratory of Comparative Planetology and Meteoritics Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Vernadsky:

— "Monument" is not far from the crater Stickney, so, far from the place of intended landing "Phobos-Grunt". And thank God! We were in a landing stones, especially large, are not needed.

According to Irina Karachevtsev, employee of the laboratory studies of extraterrestrial territories of the Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography (MIIGAiK) — an organization that has made a detailed map of Phobos, the so-called "Monolith" is on the "leading" side of Phobos (Leading site) with a longitude of 90 degrees. And it is — out of range of possible landing sites.

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