Mary Magdalene had children by Jesus Christ?

Mary Magdalene is considered to be the most mysterious character in the New Testament. We are not aware of any of her childhood, nor of her parents or of her family. We do not know anything about her life. In any case, none of the four Gospels can not tell us how this woman lived after the execution of Jesus Christ …

When information is small, it domyslivaet. This information had to be thinking the Fathers of the Church and, when the question — do from the aforementioned holy Mary, or not do?

As Mary Magdalene first beheld the risen Christ, to get rid of this character was difficult. And her canonized, but … under special conditions — attributing poor actions and deeds, which she never made! In the understanding of the sanctity of the church Magdalene was expressed in the fact that it turned out great in the great sinner righteous.

Scrolls of Nag Hammadi. Coptic writer and theologian claimed that Jesus often kissed the lips of Mary Magdalene and considered her favorite student

It took one and a half thousand years, and modern scholars life Magdalene came with it is exactly the opposite: they have made of the great righteous great sinner, and announced that it is fine. Who is really extraordinary was this woman?

Multiplication of entities

Mary first appears in the Bible, when Jesus cast seven demons out of her. Healed, the woman followed the Savior and became one of his admirers.

Mary Magdalene was a wealthy woman, she willingly took on the expense of Jesus. When Jesus was arrested and sentenced to death, she was present at the execution, along with two other Maries — Christ's mother and sister of Lazarus. She participated in the burial of Jesus and smear His dead body butter World.
That it came to the cave where Jesus was buried, and found that his body had disappeared. And it was she who first saw the risen Christ and the apostles told about it. It was also mentioned that she visited Rome, where he spoke about Christ.

Nothing else in the New Testament can not be pulled. But except for the four canonical gospels, there are some not recognized by the church, that is non-canonical. These Gospels were rejected by the church because of their Gnostic (teaching, hostile to Christianity) the origin and content.

In the first century, when Christianity had not yet taken shape in the world religion of Christians shared the views of the Gnostics, who claimed the knowability of God and the possibility of acquisition by any person with knowledge of the divine essence. In the Gnostic Gospel of Mary of Magdala was assigned a very important role. She was considered the favorite and most faithful disciple of Christ. Mary herself was the author of one of the Gospels — Gospel of Mary Magdalene.

According to this text, Mary Magdalene was the question most of the post-mortem transformations of the soul. No wonder the non-canonical Gospel claimed that the woman was the founder of the philosophy of the Christian community and its own church. Of course, the official Christianity erased these Gospels as dangerous and wrong. And to offer a very different image of Mary Magdalene.

From student to bpudnitsy

Turn true disciple in the first representative of the oldest profession should not have much difficulty. Just had to join with Mary Magdalene all mentioned, but not named in the New Testament women.

The first candidate, complemented the image of Magdalene was a woman omyvshaya otershaya world and Christ's feet with her hair. Another female candidate — a woman, her hair anointed Christ. Third — the prostitute that Jesus saved from stoned and that followed him. As a result, unnamed women easily become known is Mary Magdalene.

The image of Mary has become so advanced, Before she went with painted face and her hair and prostitution, but Jesus saved her from death, demons cast out of her, by which defects must be understood, and Mary was a virtuous and faithful companion of the apostles. Somewhere in the background of the Gospels she stayed with Susanna, John and Salome-tion. Only the mother of Jesus, because of its full integrity and God-inspired, was allowed to take place next to Jesus, and then only because he was her son.

For women the orthodox Christians was the attitude is simple: all of the daughter of Eve succumbed to the temptation in the garden, and thus burden the original sin of mankind. Mary Magdalene just repeat the path of Eve, but in the opposite direction — to clear his faith from sin. When the Christians in the fifth century there was St. Mary of Egypt, who on earth is actually engaged fornication, but regretted — the image of Magdalene was consummate. Allegedly, the whore and nothing else.

Kiss, offended the apostles?

Last century. In 1945, the Egyptian Nag Hammadi scrolls were found famous, written in Coptic. These were the texts are not recognized by the church, who miraculously survived the period of struggle against heresies. Suddenly I discovered that Jesus called Mary Magdalene favorite student and often kissed on the lips. But the other disciples of Christ greatly envied and even demanded his explanation for why he makes this Mary to the detriment of others. Jesus answered and answered evasively and figuratively. In modern researchers immediately arose nasty suspicion that Jesus kissed Mary Magdalene was not a student …

Mary Magdalene embracing the cross on which the Saviour was crucified. She could not embrace Jesus during his life, but was able to after death. At all the pictures and icons she feels over the death of the Savior, more than any of the apostles

The researchers were quick to note that Jesus did not just kissed Mary, and often on the lips. Feature of these kisses in XX century was clear as day. Had two options, why Jesus kissed Mary on the lips, or — He lived with his student in sin, or is he just had been married.

Sinful relationship somehow besmirch the name of Jesus. But the presence of Jesus' wife is not contradicted by the then Jewish law, on the contrary — a man of Jesus simply had to have a wife! But if in the sixth century, it was possible to make Magdalene harlot through the text, in the twentieth century to turn Jesus into a married man became impossible. Over the purity and innocence of His image had time to work more than one generation of theologians! So no wife he could not be, because it is not allowed. And the question of why Jesus kissed Mary Magdalene on the mouth and began to respond with deadly logic: because in the first century among Christians was made to kiss each other on the lips. But the subject matter is still lost on replies: Well then why did Jesus so often that the other disciples were offended and outraged?

Mother of the heirs of Jesus

And then came the revelation of British historians and archaeologists Baydzhenta, Leah and Lincoln "Sacred mystery" where Magdalene announced not only a companion, a student and a wife of Jesus Christ, but also the mother of his children.

Overall surprising existence of children in married men do not. If, of course, not the name of this man. But in the early Christian times like version prosper. Say, to blame some of the features chivalrous era. Even the name of Mary Magdalene stood for "Mary of Magdala of El", which in turn is simply translated as "Mary of the city with the towers." Images of Mary Magdalene readily supplemented tower in the background.

In that wonderful era came apocryphal (Border) text, draw life Magdalene follows. She was the wife of Jesus and the spiritual through the Immaculate Conception gave birth to his son Joseph Sweetest.
This baby was the progenitor of the royal house of the Merovingians. To rescue the child Magdalene fled to Marseilles. But soon her earthly life ended, and Jesus took her to heaven in a bridal chamber.

There is another legend. For her at the Magdalene had two children — boy and girl, Joseph and Sophia. Magdalene lived to a ripe old age and was buried in the south of France.

Although Magdalene is mentioned only 13 times in the New Testament, after the announcement of her holy relics and the saints appeared to Mary Magdalene. Bones, hair, wood chips from the grave and even blood. For the power of the Magdalene was a desperate struggle, and in the eleventh century there was even a period that historians call the "magdalinovym fermentation"! Mary Magdalene was worshiped not only heretics Albigenses, and the Knights Templar. No wonder the Knights Baphomet represented "baby Magdalene" Sophia, that is wisdom. But in the era of the Renaissance artist's image became a favorite image of the repentant Magdalene. What is the time, so are the images and relics.

Nicholas Kotomkin
"Mystery Stories" November 2012

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